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Thread: Hard Reset - surprise announcement

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    Hint: one of the video logos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lost_soul View Post
    Holy crap batman! Its a PC game! I look forward to being able to traverse back through menus with my escape key... and being able to join dedicated multiplayer servers that run 24/7!
    You can still do this with a variety of games, dipshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mothra View Post
    I don't get it. similar to what ?
    Stronger hint - but if you need it you require some serious TTLG revision.

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    was never good at spotting things

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    I can't bring myself to get excited about the gameplay, honestly. If I wanted to play Doom, I'd go play Doom.

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    If I wanted to play Doom I'd go play Half Life 2


    Ha Ha

    Ha Ha Ha

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    here's your coat

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    yeh bit chilly in here

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    It looks... a bit shit. Of course, I'm hoping that it won't be, but... eh. Whose idea was that neon HUD anyway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulphur View Post
    Whose idea was that neon HUD anyway?
    They're Polish. Last I heard there was still a semblance of a techno-dance culture in ex-Soviet bloc nations. GLOWSTICKS GO!!!111

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    Ars just posted a fairly glowing preview. Personally, it sounds right up my alley

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    So there's a demo out. Some mirrors listed here:

    Pro-tip: The main menu is absolutely diabolical with its lengthy animated transitions on every screen change, but if you open the menu in-game the transitions are more or less instant.

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    just played the demo

    Yeah, the menu-animations are lenghty, but nice. The game itself looks good as well. The enemies are dumb as bricks, highly predictable, come at you in big groups, and are very fun to fight. Anyone wanting another Doom, Serious Sam or Painkiller, look no further. This is the game you'll want to play. It's just fun right away from the start. Practically ZERO learning-curve, because everything in this game you've seen and done before. That's not a criticism because although we have seen all of this before, from the attack-patterns of the baddies, to the Doom 3-inspired computer-interfaces, this game does all that stuff very well. I can't say much about this game really because you all probablly have an image in your head of what it's like and, yup, that is what it's like. Exactly like you imagine it to be.

    One criticism I would bring up though is that you can't reactivate the force-fields after you've shut them off. There was one point where I deactivated one, walked on a bit, triggered a monster-closet, and then rushed back and tried to reactivate the field so I could pick the baddies off from the comfort of the other side, but it didn't work. Dammit. Maybe you get the ability to reactivate forcefields as an upgrade later on or something. That should be in there. The environment is usable against your foes in a number of other ways, all of which are variations on the classic exploding barrel.

    I might well pick it up on a sale at some point later on.

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    Yeah, it looks great and the shooting is a lot of fun but the level design, at least in the demo, is a little disappointing. For a game proclaiming it's 'old-school' feel, it is very linear and seemingly for no reason since there is very little in the way of scripting and 'cinematic' moments.

    Despite that I've still pre-ordered it. I'm in the mood for some braindead FPS action and at $30 (1/3 the price of a full-price game over here) this was hard to pass up.

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    You say "seemingly for no reason", but I'm pretty sure that creating linear-path levels is going to take significantly less time than creating big open levels. It may be as simple as that.

    I've played the demo a couple of times to try out some different upgrade options. It's fun -- the sheer amount of activity makes it all seem a bit chaotic, in an enjoyable way -- but even on low settings my old video card isn't quite up to running it smoothly, so I think I'm going to postpone a purchase until I've upgraded that.

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    Yeah, it's obviously not perfect; but at the same time it's doing a bunch of things really well. And it really is amazingly pretty. Look around. Look up! There are plenty of sights to take in.

    Personally I tend to take John Walker's opinions with a pinch of salt. Did you try the demo? Try the demo! Then try it again with different upgrades.

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    those are all things that can be patched, the main reason I replayed the demo that often is what the game does best: EVERYTHING MUST EXPLODE (even yourself) so I preordered it. And fortunately I can play the game on ultra settings with no slowdowns. But I agree that the input/weapon switch delay is very annoying. It does not have the fluid movement of old school shooters. But oh yes, that game gets my blood pumping.

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    tentative optimism

    They got the shooting right all right. It's immensely satisfying to play, even with all the numerous electrical hotspots conveniently placed around everywhere for no logical reason except making things go spark *SPZZT* BOOM.

    I see the poor checkpointing/lack of quicksave becoming a pretty large problem in the full game, though. That's probably the one thing from the RPS review that you don't have to take with a grain of salt. They'd better relook at the checkpoints or patch in a quicksave right quick. As it stands, rather gorgeous to look at and play through, though the design could wind up incredibly one-note by the end of the full game. I'll probably get it at some point later on in the next couple of months.

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    well, they certainly heard the criticism:
    - better indication of weaponmodes on HUD
    - a fast option for the animated menue
    - much more checkpoints than in the demo, one particulary bossfight that was criticised in the press got 2 checkpoints between waves and b4 the endfight
    - weaponswitch is a little quicker

    BUT, during combat switching between modes or weapons still requires for the animation and a cooldown to stop so for me it is "lagging" but it seems intended.

    On the other hand the weaponmodes get that powerful once you got a few unlocked I can see that a quickswitch/dial system would make you twitch-ueber-god, still, I am missing it from an "oldschool" shooter. All in all that game is sweet. Don't expect any story or exploring, usually it is just a very big map seperated into chunks you travel while seeing other parts of the map in the background, picking up upgrades or pushing a button along the way.
    But now to what is REALLY important:

    WEAPONS: it may be only two weapons but the different modes and alt-modes are really good for different situations, a blast to fire off and the gun itself looks really alive during transitions and shooting. The machinegun gets all glowy and hot, steam coming out of it and blurring the screen, the energy weapons spins up into a frenzy.

    ENEMIES: you have exploding and damaging robots that swarm you (3 classes), shooting ones, grenadelauncher-dudes (heavy armored), "gorillas" from the demo that try to smash you into corners, that's it - so a little disappointing there (mind I did not finish the game yet but I am fairly far into it)

    ENVIRONMENTS: the city backdrop is really amazing, the amount of detail put into it as well. you will be walking streets, scaffoldings 1000s of meters in the air, constructionsites of skyscrapers without any invisible walls so falling off/being pushed off can and will happen. jump between metro tracks while trains speed by casting shadows on the walls and making your screen shake. dozens and dozens of stuff to blow up !!!!!!

    ENCOUNTERS: it is the old arena-style gameplay....get into an area, fight off waves either triggered by you arriving or doing certain things, then the doors open and you can proceed. the game usually drops a few mobs before and behind you, so moving around is a must. they mix it up with open-wide areas or cramp you into small spaces and drop a few gorillas in there

    BOSSES: stun-lock and get rid off the mobs, then shoot the glowy stuff - what do you want from me ?

    "Everything must explode"
    Amen to that.

    Update: finished it, steams says 6.3h, did not seek out all secrets and did not pickup/find all upgrades. it certainly is over soon with no "ending" at all, just a big bossfight that is exhausting but OK imo. they just throw everything they have at you between sniping the boss and dodging his EVIL LAZOR (no checkpoint this time, 3 tries)
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    shameless resurrect since Hard Reset got its 1.01 patch which addresses each and every gripe I had with the mobility and weapon switch times. Which makes it more awesome and puts it now in league with Painkiller and Doom.

    Patch 1.01 changes:

    Benchmark Mode - You can access the Benchmark mode in the 'Extras' menu.
    Command line benchmark mode - Benchmark is also accessible from the Windows command line - in order to launch it enter hardreset.exe -benchmark.
    Additional Mouse button bindings - You can bind the 4th and 5th mouse buttons.
    All keys button bindings - you can now bind all the buttons on Numerical Keypad (except forn number 5).
    Sprint (shortly) even while still recharging - Sprinting is now possible at any moment - you don't have to wait till the sprint bar fills up.
    Sprint will now charge 20% faster than before.
    Disable Weapon Cool-down period - Weapon cooldowns are disabled now. You can change weapon modes while the weapon is on cooldown.
    Improved the time between switching between N.R.G. Weapon adn CLN Firearm.
    Single Switch-Weapon Button - the F key will now switch between weapons.
    Mid-game difficulty change - You are now able to switch difficulty midgame (the lowest difficulty ever chosen during the whole run determines the achievements unlocked)."
    Disable sprint effects - You are now able to disable Motion Blur and Fov widening while in sprint. Tick the appropriate box in Game options menu.
    In-game Score report - You are now able to check your Mission stats while in-game pressing the Tab key.
    Disable logos - You are now able to disable starting logos in the Game options menu.
    Small healthpacks now regenerate 20 HP instead of 30 HP.
    Audio mode detection - The game will display the current system Audio Mode in Audio Options
    Triple Buffering - Added in Video Options
    MLAA antyaliasing was substituted with FXAA antyaliasing.
    Various improvements with game geometry.

    We introduced the changes you were writing that you want, hope you will have fun.
    Stay tuned as we will have some more things coming.

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    That's fantastic. While I had a lot of fun playing it, I had more than few issues with various design decisions they made but they've addressed pretty much all of them. Looks like I'll be firing it up tonight then.

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    [threadrez] for anyone who's been holding out on getting this game

    It's part of the latest Indie Royale bundle, along with a bunch of other stuff that noone cares about. I'll probably be picking it up myself in a few days.

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    Picked it up for 75% in the Steam Xmas sale, it's a good game, but not in the same league as Painkiller and NecroVision. I do plan on getting the Extended Edition expansion DLC, whenever that's released onto Steam.

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    Just played through the demo. Such a great environment. And so little to do in it.

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