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Thread: NOW what are you playing?

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    About a week ago I bought For Honor. I've been playing it since then, an hour or so every day. The combat is fantastic, the character desings are great and the visuals, especially the character animations are top notch. I never played a multiplayer game before (other than Dark Souls) but I'm having a blast with this.

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    Mass Effect Andromeda is finally completed and watching the E3 conferences have gotten me back into Skyrim SE.

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    PC Gamering Smartey Man
    I <3 consoles and gamepads

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    I replayed FEAR: Perseus Mandate recently. Solid campaign aside from rather dull, copypasta levels near the beginning. FEAR's terrific action gameplay is the highlight of course.

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    I just bought Ori and the Blind Forest. Hollow Knight comparisons will be incoming.

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    Tell us how much you cried.

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    ...I cried so hard.

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    I've been playing Rising Storm 2, Tripwire's multiplayer Vietnam FPS, and it's by far the best Red Orchestra game yet. The gunplay has been tweaked enough to not feel like as much of a sniperfest as the WW2 games, and the two sides are asymmetrical enough to be interesting without playing radically differently. They've also listened to the community and removed unlockable weapons in favor of unlockable cosmetics, and are actively adjusting the balance in response to player feedback.

    Right now there are only 5 maps, but for $25 it's a steal, and more maps should be on the way.

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    With Metroid Prime 4 announced, I thought I'd go back and replay the original (Metroid Prime, not NES Metroid). Man, it's still really awesome, and holds up well (the updated textures and widescreen on the Wii U help). I know we've been throwing the immersive sim term around a lot lately, but this game is it, you really feel like you're there on Tallon IV and you're Samus. The motion controls on the Wii U take some getting used to, but once you do, they're great. This game actually feels very VR, without actually being VR, somehow.

    I hope Nintendo's decision of not using Retro Studios for #4 works out, because they did a hell of a job on Prime 1.

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    I've recently really been getting into ArmA 3. I played a ton of Operation Flashpoint (Now ArmA Cold War Assault) as a kid, demoed ArmA 2 and honestly wasn't impressed but 3 is so far absolutely fantastic. It has depth while still being fluid with it's controls.

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    Thumbs up to everyone that recommended The Last of Us. Without doubt one of the best games I've played in recent years. Such a beautiful journey; from the subtle way that the relationship develops between the main two characters and with how they dealt with multiple themes such as loyalty, loss, identify and purpose in a world where everything has fallen apart. An almost perfect game imo, just let down very slightly by a couple of drawn out gun battles and an annoying boss fight.

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    Been playing around the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. It's fun, but hardly groundbreaking. Very little AI to speak of, but there is a strange satisfaction to be had of setting off a group of 10,000 zombies against groups of US WWII soldiers, knights, archers and catapults spaced out at choke points and watching them get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers before finally being whittled down at the final one. Takes a few hours of tweaking the numbers and positioning to get a satisfying balance, but very satisfying when you get there.

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    I'm still knee deep in Arma 3 multiplayer. Just made this from a big backlog of footage that I compulsively hoard.

    I really need to get around to giving The Witcher 3 a proper shot before secret santa rolls around again and the guilt consumes me.

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    It took me a while to get into Arma 3 (probably also because like any Arma it was pretty clanky to begin with), but we've now had several sessions with the TTLG gang (and Lord Penney's back as well!) and now I'm enjoying it a lot. We're not always the most coordinated of squad, but when we do work together it's great and when things go haywire it's even greater. The only thing that's a bit of a shame is that with a small group you tend to get squad gameplay only, whereas with a bigger group you can really have various groups and roles: assault, support, CAS. Having said that, I've found a number of missions for 6-8 people that offer different roles and tasks along those lines.

    I also got a new headset yesterday, and every now and then I'm reminded just how much of a difference good headphones can make. I pottered around a bit in Skyrim and enjoyed just listening to the wind howling and the crack of thunder in the distance. My regular speakers aren't bad, but the level of immersion is hugely improved by headphones that block outside sound.

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    Yeah, I got into the habit of using a headset exclusively a few years back now, mostly to stop annoying the neighbours.
    And I currently have the best set I've ever had, the Sennheiser PC363D, which I've now had for 4 years now. I've also got an old Astro A40 set, but the built quality and comfort levels are nowhere near as good.
    Only problem is, in this weather the ear cushions soak up a LOAD of sweat, and they can get a bit nasty over time, but I bought some spares a while back, and they go through the laundry

    As for what I'm playing, it's The Division after picking it up at the weekend.
    Really quite enjoying it. It's incredibly pretty, and the Ubiworld design isn't quite as egregious as in other titles. It's like a third-person Borderlands, but with better gunplay. Of course, I'm still in the honeymoon period, so I may become jaded with it over time.

    I did pop in to the Dark Zone briefly last night to see what it's all about, and it's deliciously bastardly.
    Okay, the AI there are all rather bullet-spongey, which is annoying, but the potential for cooperation and betrayal is fantastic.

    I was mooching my way around, being all cautious, when another player at a higher level started tailing me. That made me a bit nervous, and I tried to keep my head low and get away from him.
    But then he tried to sneak up behind me, and that made me panic and fire a burst at him.
    He didn't fire back and instead waved at me and sent me an invite to his group, so I accepted.

    At this point I knew you had to do something to gear you pick up in the Dark Zone in order to get it out, but I didn't know exactly what. He took me to where it has to be "Extracted".
    The idea is, you pootle around the zone grabbing gear, then had back to an extraction point, where you signal a helicopter to come and pick up your gear that you attach to a rope it dangles.
    As soon as you signal for the helicopter to come, it gets announced to the whole zone, so you have to defend the extraction point while waiting for the helicopter to arrive.
    When it does arrive, you and your "friends" attach any loot you've picked up to the rope, and have to defend it until it takes off, which takes another minute.
    This is where it gets really tense, as when you have the opportunity to hijack the entire extraction.

    So my guy gets to the extraction zone, calls in the helicopter, whereupon another dude sprints to the zone and joins us. We wait for the choppa to arrive, nervously watching for others, but no-one else appears. The helo arrives, and we duly attach our gear to the rope, which is when I notice the option to hijack the extraction. But being a noob, I don't; besides which I only had one measly bit of gear and was mostly along for the ride to see how this all worked.

    So we jump behind cover to defend the extraction when...
    My "Buddy" turns around and guns the two of us down. Awesome.

    He didn't steal my loot, obviously noting it was a bit crap, but I really admired how the devs have formalised griefing and made it fun.

    I haven't been back to the Dark Zone since, but will do once I'm a bit more confident and certain my gear won't let me down.
    It's just a shame the AI there is so much more difficult to take down than outside. It does however promote a more stealthy approach, nipping between caches and hoping you can get your ill-gotten gains out without drawing attention to yourself.

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    I reached 20 day in Don't Starve my longest run so far and oh god a giant tree creature nearly slaughtered me and now the winter started. I didn't even know there was a winter! Gotta head back to my base camp on the other end of the island. Thank god I saved a few bunnies to make earmuffs :x

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    There are four seasons. You start off in autumn. In winter, there's not much food and you freeze a lot if you don't carry a heat stone. In spring, it rains a lot. In summer, it's really dry and things love to catch on fire.

    The treeguards sometimes attack if you cut down trees near them (or sometimes spawn if you cut down trees.)
    You can pacify them by planting trees near them (small chance to pacify per tree planted), though remember that if you later cut down trees near the pacified treeguard, he will become hostile again.

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    Awright, so I gave Hollow Knight a punt. I guess I should have seen it coming, the hint was in the title after all: it's got a lot in common with Dark Souls, from the elegiac atmosphere to the semi-abstruse NPCs to the die-and-collect-yourself-again mechanic. It's also very pretty, if also very blue. The aesthetic is evocative of hand-drawn figures with these pleasingly thick pen lines that give everything a very clean and neat feel.

    While a metroidvania soulslike is not exactly what I'm in the mood for at this point, it's a fairly well-made game that doesn't see the need to handhold you much, which is nice. I'll give it a few go-arounds despite needing something more peppy right now like Resident Evil 7 or H.P. Lovecraft presents: At the Mountains of Walking Simness or Japanese Botmurder Extravaganzmasplosion, but I'll most probably end up saving it for the cooler, quieter days of the year.
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    Some two, three hours into South Park Stick of Truth and it is, predictably, awesome. The gags got a few chuckles out of me, the combat is decently fun once you get the hang of it, and the constant little references to the show are great (Chef's songs playing, photos from various episodes, characters making an appearance, little memes). Overall, they managed to translate the feel of the show into a game really well!

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    Nearly finished Breath of the Wild. God damn this is a long game.

    I spent 2 weeks just on getting materials for armor upgrades, several just on noting down good food recipes combos. Got 3 out of the 4 beasts tamed and the majority of the shrines conquered. I think I'll play some quicker to beat games after this. I have the time to play them, but only playing 1 game for 3 months starts to get a bit long.

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    I haven't been able to touch Breath of the Wild for a couple of months now due to how repetitive I began to find it. I'm pretty much at the same stage as you, with three beasts tamed, but I simply can't be arsed any more. The damn game's too big for its own good.
    I reckon they could have significantly reduced the number of temples and other collectibles and still had a fantastic game.
    Isn't it something like 5 temples to unlock a single piece of heart or stamina? That basically means they could have reduced the number of temples to 24 instead of 120, made them a bit longer and had them each reward a heart or stamina segment. Same goes for those annoying Koroks. 900?! Piss off.

    I think I'm one of the few people around who thinks it's actually quite a poor game overall, despite the quality of its systems. I also began to find it cloyingly sweet and with some rather outdated social ideas, especially in regards to the Gerudo.

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    It's 4 temples per heart or stamina. Stamina maxes at like 3 or 4 circles, I forget. Not got health maxed yet.

    I think it's a great game, but that it's too long. Sure you could speed run it, but then you miss out on story, improved gear and ability unlocks.

    You really need to jot down A LOT of stuff in this game to keep track of what stuff you need, like which good food material combos = the best recipes, how much materials you need/have left to upgrade armor, special layouts for some of the more harder puzzles (which require memorization). I've not jotted down this much stuff since I played through Phantasy Star 1 (Sega Master System JRPG) which required jotting down level layouts since it didn't have an in-game map.

    I think they could have made the game half as long and that would have hit that perfect length. As such it's not really a game you'd replay (unless it was a speed run) due to the length of it all. Compare that to say Zelda - A Link to the past, which you could play through in 3-4 days max, which is far more replayable.

    In Breath of The Wild there is:

    * 120 Shrines
    * 900 Korok seeds
    * 76 Side quests
    * 42 Shrine quests
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    Sorry Ice, my son (who is 13) finished it with all 120 shrines and almost 100% completion within about 3 weeks. However as I watched him play for a large amount, and seeing the finale, I dont have much desire to restart my own game. I think it is an excellent game, but it definitely doesnt have a lot of replay value.
    Our nickname for him is the "Finisher", previous to playing BotW, he wanted to get through the other 3d zelda titles, so tore through Oot, Majoras Mask and Twilight Princess. Also completed System Shock 2, which he has watched me play numerous times, but I have never finished. Good to finally see the ending! Now he is onto Thief 2 god help us all.
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    Dayam. Well that's amazing. Props to your son .

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    Isn't the point of BoTW that you can make it as long (or short) as you want? Unless you're a completionist, you probably don't need a third of the stuff in the game to have a good shot at beating Ganon. But if you like to explore and grind and build up your character super powerful, you can do that too. That's kind of the beauty of the design.

    Korok seeds are a good example, as the returns diminish greatly as the game goes on. I think I have 225 or so out of 900, and I have plenty of additional slots for weapons (maybe 20 total?). It's not like you would need more than that to finish the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulphur View Post
    Awright, so I gave Hollow Knight a punt. I guess I should have seen it coming, the hint was in the title after all: it's got a lot in common with Dark Souls, from the elegiac atmosphere to the semi-abstruse NPCs to the die-and-collect-yourself-again mechanic.
    Yeah, it does take a few nods from Dark Souls. Though it's not nearly so vague about its story when you start getting deeper into the game, and it has this weird sort of whimsy about it that's lacking in the DS series. It doesn't ape nearly so much as, say, (the still excellent) Salt and Sanctuary.

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