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Thread: NOW what are you playing?

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    Location: Ireland
    On a random and semi-related note: when I played League of Legends regularly, I made sure that it was installed on my SSD so that I could load faster than anyone else!

    Needless to say, the game waits for all players to have finished loading before it starts.

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    I wish all games did that. I remember in Left 4 Dead sometimes spending half a level trying to catch up with my overenthusiastic teammates - assuming I wasn't picked off by a Hunter before I could find them.

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    Right now I'm theoretically playing Tyranny.
    Backloggery gave me the Shadow Warrior reboot to try.
    I also have Rez Infinite installed and IIRC I've finished the first 2 chapters.

    What I'm actually doing is playing Cuphead, though. What a glorious game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    That's about the same as it is for me. 250 megabit is now the slowest, with an option to go up to 1Gbps if I feel like plunking down an extra $40 a month.
    Consider yourself lucky. Over here most people have 10-20 mbps maximum. We're in the midst of a country wide telecommunications upgrade (called NBN) which originally was intended as an upgrade for everyone to 100 mbps. But a change in political party in power led to most people only being upgraded to 25 mbps and having to pay significantly more if you want 100 mbps. All the while our government (who have next to no knowledge of anything IT related) tells us that the majority of house holds dont need anything better than 25 mbps. What an absolute joke.

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    I'd be happy if my 10Mbps gave me 10Mbps ever.

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    Yeah, I remember my previous ISP, who said 20mbps (or was it 25?), but I was lucky to get 10 or even 5 half the time.

    My current one is cable (compared to the previous ADSL), and when they say 240mbps, they mean it. That's what all the speed tests report, and IIRC I had to put a bandwidth cap of somewhere below 30MB/s on Steam because it basically breaks my internet when it goes at full speed and uses up all the bandwidth.
    I pay €56/month, for anyone who cares.

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    Hell I'd be happy to have just 100mbps. At my parents place they were lucky to get onto the original version of the NBN so got that. Kinda ironic as all they do is browse and check their email. In comparison at my place I have ADSL2+ and according to my speed is: 11.73mbps download, 0.87mbps upload. Link to that. And I'm supposed to be getting 20mbps.

    I certainly noticed the difference whilst still living at my parents place. Seamless youtube videos (regardless of resolution), fast movie downloads, fast Steam updates. Where as now, I have to leave Steam running for a few hours just to download a game. Meh.

    I'm set to get the crappy new version of the NBN (25mbps) next year sometime. All for $50 a month. $100 if I want the 100mbps version (which my parents get at no extra cost due to already being setup). So annoying.

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    I pay about 37€/month for my ~80Mbps connection. And given that I'm using a 5400rpm HD, I don't really feel the need to get a faster connection at the moment. Then again, when I first got that connection (in 97) it was 256Kbps and the company has been steadily increasing the speed ever since without changing the price.

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    I had about 30 megabits before I moved and now I'm down to 15 mpbs ADSL. Ping is OK but the connection can't handle downloads and gaming at the same time. I'm waiting to get a fibre connection again... In a semi-rural area in England one doesn't get the best speeds.

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    El Shagmeister
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    Location: Under your fingernails.

    I'm currently on the 3rd world of Cuphead, kicking ass and taking names (while also getting cornholed in return. Fair trade if you ask me...). Very fun game

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    FYI, Stranger Things now has an official (and free) game, Nintendo style.

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    Currently in between on the bigger longer games. Been playing "Deep Dungeons of Doom" which is a rogue-lite kinda game. If you die, you just lose all your items. There's no set xp levels and more rather on purchased talents which give passive bonuses. You get the choice of 1 of 3 per rank, with more ranks opening up as you progress. You also get the choice of different classes to play as, with their own talent trees. I've almost primarily just been playing as the Crusader as he does pretty good melee damage.

    Game is alright. Not a great game, but not a bad one either. It's one of moving up or down the levels of locations, and relying on memorization of enemy attack patterns to get you through battles. All done in 2D side view. My main gripe with it so far, is that some of the locations just go on forever (not literally) which can make surviving to the end bosses (of those locations) quite difficult. Some of the locations feel a bit monotonous for this reason after a while. I'm not sure if I'll stick with the game to the end, but I'll play it a bit further.

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    So I just completed Alone in the Dark (2008) a.k.a. Alone in the Dark 5 a.k.a. How to Hamper Your Game by Implementing the Most Infuriating Control Scheme Known to Man.

    Yes, yes, restrictive control schemes are part and parcel of survival horror titles. Both the original Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil titles are famous for their tank controls, and even Resident Evil 4 - one of the greatest games made, by all accounts - doesn't allow you to move and aim at the same time.

    Alone in the Dark (2008) takes this to a whole other level, though. There are 4 (!) different on-foot control schemes, for crying out loud. There's a static camera setting like in the early Resident Evil games, there's a behind-shoulder-view that is different depending on whether you are holding a melee weapon or not (if you are the right stick swings the weapon, if not it controls the camera), and finally there's a first person view. All of these controls are incredibly sluggish, which wouldn't be too much of a problem (survival horror, remember) if the game didn't consistently switch from one viewpoint to another seemingly at will, so you spend most of your time re-adjusting the camera.

    Thing is, the game really has some neat ideas otherwise, which makes these issues doubly annoying. The story - whilst nothing to write home about - is at least competently told, and unlike most other survival horror games I know of it soon lets you loose in a semi open world (Central Park in Manhatten, essentially), using different types of vehicles. Then again, given Eden Games are otherwise mostly known for driving games the floatiness of the vehicle controls is incredibly disconcerting.

    The game also lets you bash down or burn most doors you come across, so progress is more realistic than the artificial locks and keys in e.g. Resident Evil. You can also craft your own explosives in a sensible fashion - alcohol bottle + handkerchief + lighter = molotov cocktail, for example.

    All cool things, but again, the controls are utterly rubbish. No idea who at Eden thought this was a good idea.

    AFAIK, the PS3 version of the game (AitD: Inferno) did improve the controls a bit - e.g. freely rotating camera in 3rd person - no idea how much it ultimately improves the game, although I can't see anything being worse than this.

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    I've been playing Knights of the Old Republic II and enjoying it. Oddly, it works better with the controller than mouse and keyboard. It also makes me realize, holy crap it's basically Mass Effect before mass effect. Same thing about gathering a crew you can talk with and develop relationships, having your own ship to maintain, travel to each planet to find person of interest X... damn!

    (and yes I AM using the content restoration patch, huushhh)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakoob View Post
    I've been playing Knights of the Old Republic II and enjoying it. ... It also makes me realize, holy crap it's basically Mass Effect before mass effect.
    Bioware basically decided Baldur's Gate II was good enough and has kept many of its core concepts ever since.

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    So I am done playing "Deep Dungeons of Doom" (which sounds like a Fighting Fantasy gamebook title). It threw a boring 50 level dungeon at me with mostly easy enemies, and then threw a hard as hell boss at the end who completely slaughtered me within about 20 seconds. It took about 30-40 minutes to get to that boss. I'm done.

    Now to work out what to play next.

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    I just finished Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and have now played the Prey tutorial. This seems to be one case where the experience, at least at the beginning, is spoiled by, well, spoilers, because Prey appears to lean quite heavily on a mystery and an upcoming twist. I'm sure it'll become about more than that before long, though, as I've yet to encounter much in the way of gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N'Al View Post
    Thing is, the game really has some neat ideas otherwise, which makes these issues doubly annoying.
    Yeah, I seem to remember it had some interesting things going on. I only made it to the part where the game goes all open-world and not-very-good tho, never did finish it. Also, earlier today I found out that the guy who voiced Edward in AitD also was the voice of Max Payne! He also played a minor role in the movie American Splendor.

    Anyway. This weekend I am following my heart and playing through The Last Of Us (for the 3rd time). Just ran into Henry and Sam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    The guy who voiced Edward in AitD also was the voice of Max Payne!
    Hah, nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    FYI, Stranger Things now has an official (and free) game, Nintendo style.

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    But is it worth playing if you have no idea about what Stranger Things is?

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    I'd say a huge part of how much fun the game is is having watched the first season and understanding what's going on, otherwise it's probably just kind of trite. Unless you REALLY want to play a late 80s style fetch-quest rpg-lite beat-em-up. I think the one thing that would improve the game would be using a controller rather than the touch controls, but it's not bad by any means. Also.. it's free so...

    If you have netflix, you can watch the entire show. If you don't, I think they still have the first 30 days free.

    I was told to watch Stranger Things months before I actually did, and 5 minutes into the first episode I was so hooked I binge watched all 10 episodes that night and went to bed at 8 am. It's good.

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    Currently playing Might and Magic 8 - Day of The Destroyer.

    It plays nigh on identical to MM6 and MM7, with just some new character classes and spell schools to choose from. Beyond that it's exactly the same. It's even in the same engine as the prior two games with no noticeable new improvements of any kind. It starts off really average with you being dropped onto an island, and if it wasn't for the journal (which only pops up when you push the key to open it) you'd have no idea at all of what was going on.

    I spent a good while just fighting enemies to get cash to buy new skills, improve existings skills and buy new equipment. MM7 had that too sure, but then you had the castle that you gained ownership at the beginning of that game, which made for a good central hub to always come back to. This game lacks that.

    So this game is half half. I honestly think that series was at it's peak when it was in 2D (aka somewhere between the 3rd game and 5, though MM7 was pretty damn good). Or at least at this point anyway. The 3D entries (MM6 onward) are good, but something was lost along the way. Even the combat from 6 is quite different. More easier to cheat if you know the quirks of the game engine that they used from then on. I've not played Might and Magic X yet so can't comment there. I know that that game was done in a new engine.

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    To make up for the frustrations of Alone in the Dark I followed up with some more bite-sized games:

    Stacking - utterly charming, simple but fun puzzles.

    Deadlight - bullshit trial and error sidescroller.

    Telltale's Batman - I understand this one got a bit of a bad rep. Not sure why tbh, I thought it was pretty excellent as far as Telltale adventures go. Their game engine needs to die in a fire, though, utter rubbish.

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    Finally got a Switch!

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