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Thread: NOW what are you playing?

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    Got too drunk?

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    Maybe not drunk enough.

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    GET HOISTED is wonderful little taxi mechanic sim with a lot of interactive objects. There's a time trial element to repairing each taxi but I'm mainly in it for the "roleplaying a mechanic" aspect.

    Download it for free here:

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    Nope. Other party couldn't make it.

    We're live now. I'm one drink in...but gonna warm up fast.

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    Still playing Dead Cells, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.

    Also picked up the newest RTS from Petroglyph Forged Battalion (still in Early Access) recently and have been messing around with it. The basic gimmic is that you design your own units using a variety of premade weapons and armor types and then go at it using the C&C style gameplay with some minor tweaks.

    This guy goes over some of the basic concepts, he starts looking at the Faction Creator around 10:30

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    Wait for Empires of the Undergrowth . You'll completely lose your shit if you love RTS's. Has a touch of Dungeon Keeper as well.

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    Its interesting to see the PC market thriving from adopting a largely open market for games, whereas the console scene is stagnating in 2017 and 2018.

    Over the past decade or so, the big players in the PC scene have made an effort to specifically open the market up to new ideas, to modders, to pricing based on actual supply & demand. And it's reaping the benefits.

    Meanwhile console developers placed strict controls on who could develop for their platforms, how much their games could sell for, which games were "exclusive", what region you could play games in, etc. It's entered an oligopolistic state, effectively a state-run economy administered by the console manufacturers. The sole bright spot here is that the Japanese are experiencing somewhat of a renaissance with some excellent JRPGs released and Nintendo excelling.

    I still don't own a PS4 or Xbox 1 because the sole title I would have bought a system to play (Persona 5) came out on PS3 as well.

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    Wait enough years and they'll release it on Steam. Everything's coming to PC these days. And for those that don't you have emulators . Which ultimately is the developers loss for never releasing on that platform.

    The exact same thing went down for companies in the 80s, which is why there was so much cloning of games (by other developers/indies) to platforms which did not have the game in question. One developers loss is another's gain, in those cases.

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    Since I'm trying not to speed through Shadow of the Colossus, I'm just doing one colossus a day, more or less - which means I've also had time to check out Burnout Paradise (on PS4). Gotta say that my first impression hasn't been great; I can see the game's appeal, but it doesn't work all that well for me (so far). On the whole, I guess I prefer set tracks and the like to this game's make-your-own-path approach, doubly so because I'm not a huge fan of grid-based city maps when it comes to racing, and triply so because I find it difficult to read the graphics in terms of seeing the turns more than a hundred metres before I'm actually there. Of course I can navigate by the map, but I prefer navigating by what I can see in front of me first and foremost. I expect this'll become less of an issue as I get to know Paradise City, but right now it's not clicking for me yet.

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    I loved Burnout Paradise (played it originally on PS3 and have it on Origin too), but even so it was over-shadowed by the superior and sublime Driver San Francisco.

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    Burnout Paradise best thing was the multiplay stunt mode

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    Hmm I played the first episode of Trails in the Sky and it didn't quite grab me... it just felt like the typical JRPG tropes with slow pacing. Felt like it took forever to get going so I gave up :|

    But yes, Oliver seemd like the only interesting character.

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    I haven't played much of SC, but FC is almost all exposition until the last chapter.

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    Well it took 5 years and 3 attempts but I finally beat the Tomb Raider reboot. It's actually a really fun game, even though it's pretty far removed from old school TR. How many people did I kill, 500, including dozens of samurai? Not bad for an 18 year old rich girl who never fired a gun before. The climbing parts were fun, I wish there had been more of that. There were also some solid stealth portions, I think that could have been expanded upon as well. The QTEs and the timed forced movement sequences were awful. The visuals are still beautiful, I was surprised how good it still looked. Overall time well spent. So I guess now I can go see the movie.

    Proceeded to start up Metal Gear Solid V, which is a great stealth playground so far, I'm anticipated some serious time suckage here. But I will say the Fulton Recovery System has to be one of the most bizarre game mechanics ever.

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