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Thread: T2 FM: A Sorrowful Farewell (15/10/2011) updated to v1.01

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    Finished after 3 Hrs 42 Min (Spent a few times running around trying to figure things out)

    Results = 4632 Loot, 7 Pockets picked and 7 Secrets

    I also ended up breaking the game and had to reload my save as I found that thing by accident that Shadows reported back in 2011 where. Stand in the middle, run jump across the lava toward the other pedestal and you can run 90% across then use the device on the pedestal. This breaks it as I had not placed the candle yet and it doesn't give you credit for using the artifact. The scripting made much more sense when I completed that set of tasks in the proper order.

    Had a lot of fun with this mission. 1234 ABCD Hint : Drawing 8 lines on a piece of paper and working through the puzzle clue sheet made things far easier than trying to do it in my head. Recommend this method for anyone getting stuck there but not wanting the right out answer.

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    Cool! You didn't skip "Of The Sinister Awakening", did you?

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