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Thread: I showed you mine; now you show me yours .....

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    I showed you mine; now you show me yours .....

    Risking ridicule or outright flaming, I just had to start this thread. I'm very curious to see what my fellow TTLG'ers have been snapshotting during their Skyrim adventures.

    My horse's take on a wandering Bard (on the way to Azura's shrine):

    While doing some wandering through the streets of Solitude I was impressed by the Thief-like ambience of the city:

    I'm still totally awed by the Dwemer ruins.

    Your turn .........

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    I haven't really been taking any screenshots, even though I've seen some amazing stuff. The only one I have to share is one of my character that I took for a "let's see your character thread" on another forum.

    My Khajit archer thief:

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    Hmm -- good idea, I should have taken pictures as well; There's many had-to-be-there moments gone forever now.
    But: How do I shot web-- err, how do I make screenshots? (Next will be how to make them available - but first things first, let's get me a hat.)

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    Steam screenshots. No spoilers in there. So far.

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    Pretty random order here, no spoilers.

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    Wow, I like that last shot Judith. Where did you take it, if you don't mind me asking?

    Also, I've taken tons of screenshots. I'm kind of bad (good?) about that. They are all on my steam profile. Far too many to post here. Also, there may or may not be spoiler-type screenies (depending on what you consider a spoiler I guess), so look at your own risk:


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    The mask I'm wearing I recently looted from some lich type boss. My companion won't wear most of the stuff I give her, but an execution mask? Sure!

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    Haha, I was going to make this very thread. I'd love to see peoples' characters!

    My imperial swordswoman Eris relaxing at an inn after a long day:

    Eris stabbing an orc through the bellow. Ouch!:

    Riding through the night:

    A very picturesque dawn... this game is lovely!:

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    With EmilPags onboard as Senior Designer and Writer, Thiefy nods are almost his signature.

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    I found out today console commands for Skyrim. One of them I read about from PC Gamer that would be of use to screenshot purists is tm :

    Quote Originally Posted by PC Gamer
    Toggles all in-game menus perfect if you want to take some screenshots to convince elderly relatives that Skyrim is where you went on your holidays.
    This will hide the compass and other hud elements so you can take a clean screenshot.

    Oh, and I grabbed a few of my screenies from steam and uploaded them to imageshack so I could embed them here:

    My argonian character I am currently playing as.

    Bleak Falls Barrow

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    My thiefylike Wood Elf:

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    Wow, cool pics! Interesting to see what type of characters my fellow Skyrimmers have chosen to play. Also love seeing all the beyond lovely landscapes.

    I chose to be a Nord (certain family members now claim I'm a Nord Nerd). And yeah, her name is Dia.

    A little cheesecake anyone? (I did notice on the closeups that my character is in dire need of a bath; something not included in the game - go figure.)

    My new bodyguard, Vorstag, who looks suspiciously like Arnie, though he doesn't speak with the fake Austrian accent that seems to be prevalent in so many guards in almost every town. My former bodyguard, Jenassa, finally bought it in one of the dungeon quests, which made me sad, until I received a letter of inheritance by courier stating that my loyal bodyguard had bequeathed all her worldly possessions to me. For some reason, the game wouldn't let me resurrect her ..... again. Vorstag packs a more powerful punch, but is somewhat slower - must be all that beef. Just might have to marry this one.

    Crossing a river on my latest horse. Wonder how long this one'll last?

    I'm thinking I'm going to have to try & use Fraps to record some of the battle scenes where my character goes into slo-mo while slaying an enemy. I was blown away the first time I witnessed that.

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    My Nord:

    ...pondering the object of his affections:

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    Ulu, your Nord reminds me of Sad Keanu.

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    Haha, yes now that you mention it

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    Quote Originally Posted by sNeaksieGarrett View Post
    Wow, I like that last shot Judith. Where did you take it, if you don't mind me asking?
    I'm sorry, I have no idea where that was taken I was just wandering around south east border of the map, maybe it was one of many dungeons or towers you can see there.

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    My Imperial Thief/Assassin character:


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    This thread isn't nearly as dirty as what I thought it'd be. But oh well, here's some pretty pictures. Click little picture to make big picture.

    First shot of the game of my level 1 character during the first night of adventuring. I thought the aurora was a fairly nice touch..shame I haven't seen it since.

    Shot of the plains surrounding Whiterun, as Massar peeks out from behind the clouds. The wooly mammoths are in there because wooly mammoths make everything better.

    I have to say, this has to be the prettiest and most atmospheric Elder Scrolls game I've played. It even beats Morrowind on that front, which is quite the feat.

    edit: So I'm heading back to town after a night of much slaughter and profit, when I happen across a strange situation. There's this guy, right? This guy, well, he's beating up a horse. I don't know what the horse did to him, but there he is, smacking the poor thing around with an axe. Maybe he's starting up a new glue factory out in the middle of nowhere. I dunno. Whatever he's doing, I can't tolerate it. Horses are our friends, and we should stick up for them whenever the opportunity arises.

    I killed the guy, and took the horse. Then I took this screenshot...

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    Nothing like a cinematic kill on a dragon. This particular battle almost became real interesting - while I was fighting the dragon, a second dragon flew overhead. Unfortunately it didn't stop to help out - that would've been fun. Right afterward though, I got attacked by Dr. Doom

    So I stole his mask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judith View Post
    I'm sorry, I have no idea where that was taken I was just wandering around south east border of the map, maybe it was one of many dungeons or towers you can see there.
    It is in the ratways (first passage to left coming from thief guild) - i think.

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    Some lovely auroras over Whiterun.

    Up up and away, once you climb that mountain I think every single person did the same thing (funnily enough, if you're careful, you can climb down directly to Whiterun from top).

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    Anyone bump into this guy? (The Headless Horseman)

    Talking to him doesn't appear to do anything, he just keeps on galloping away.

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    Heh yeah Taffer, I saw that too. It creeped me out a bit at first. When I saw him, it was outside Whiterun by the windmill.

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    Wow; deliciously creepy RT! Haven't run into that one yet, but while climbing a mountain I rounded a bend and came face-to-face with Mehrunes Dagon. Startled me.

    That's my new husband (Vorstag, aka Arnie) in the foreground. We were sightseeing on our honeymoon.

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