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Thread: A Moment of Silence

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    A Moment of Silence

    Today, I say goodbye to Victoria. Our nomadic lifestyle has made her obsolete, and she has been replaced by younger, portable models with more RAM and faster processors. I will miss her.

    I built Victoria right as T2X was taking shape. This was the machine on which the lion's share of the T2X dialogue, readables, and conversations were edited and compiled. Many of the missions were first beta-tested on her, and some of the missions were even re-imagined on her. I first played TDS on her. She has been duct taped, had extra fans installed, and rode far harder than any woman deserves. I have posted to TTLG thousands of time from her, and she helped my wife get through nursing school. She has been the primary tool that provided me not only the resources, but the know how to homeschool my boys, thus allowing me to share more of my life with them. I watched the Wire on her for the first time, as well as Breaking Bad. I downloaded hundreds of songs onto her, which have brought me unspeakable joy and reflection. I used her to Skype with many friends and family when the miles made it impossible for us to touch, and she made the world seem smaller.

    Goodbye, Victoria. You have served me well, and though I have called you a worthless whore many times, I was really only mad at Bill Gates. I'm sorry you had to bear the brunt of his idiocy, but you bore it with honour. I will remember you fondly, and tell my grandchildren of the many hours we spent together exploring the known universe.

    Thank you.

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    One sip for Victoria (sip), and another sip for the T2 disc that snapped in half (sip).

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