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Thread: Unreal 1 Gets A New Patch

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    Unreal 1 Gets A New Patch

    A fan made patch condoned by Epic. Old games getting new patches seems to be the flavor of the year.


    Unreal 1 has always been one of my favorite FPS games of all time, so its good to see it getting some love.

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    Nalifruits and Discolights everywhere, rejoice!

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    ah, nice, might give the game a spin later today. I remember running the game on my voodoo2 like it's been yesterday (still have the card btw). the water, the reflections, and everything.. it was, well, unreal.

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    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    That's for the sure. The first game to ever make me go "woah" at 3D effects in games.

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    Good stuff. My dad picked up Unreal cheap at a store back in 1998/9, little did he know he was buying the game that we would both put in the top 3 of the all time favourite games list. The atmosphere the level design, music, graphics and sound effects create together is something unique that I haven't felt in any other game since. I can almost feel the cold breeze of the night on my skin when running around in the valleys after escaping the crashlanded ISV Kran, makes it all the more comfy to visit the Nali houses for some supplies.

    I already played through the game with two of the previous 227 releases and overall they have done a great job. I think this release calls for yet another revisit, maybe the upcoming christmas season.

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    Jeez, now I have yet another classic game in my queue. Unreal Gold, say hello to Thief: DP, Deus Ex, Project IGI, and Ultima Underworld 1.

    Speaking of, man, is UU1 a challenge..

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