10 years ago, my favorite thing in the world was playing System Shock 2 with people from TTLG. I recently got a couple of my friends really interested in trying System Shock 2 for this first time. They are big fans of Bioshock, and I told them System Shock 2 is Bioshock except set 200 years later on a spaceship. They're coming over to my house in a few days to play co-op with me using the LAN setting or internet, whichever works better. I'm trying to get it set up on some computers, and I was wondering if anyone from the forums are willing to help me test out co-op before I show it to my friends. I'm trying to get it set up so that their experience is better than my original one, so I'm going to have the texture packs installed and one of them will get to use my 1920 by 1080 monitor.