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Thread: Crossover: Ken Levine Talks About Why There Arenít Any Bioshock Graphic Novels and th

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    Crossover: Ken Levine Talks About Why There Arenít Any Bioshock Graphic Novels and th

    Part of Panel Discussion's mission is to look at the ways and places where comics and video games intersect and here in Crossover, we'll be talking to game creators about the comics stories and creators who've shaped their sensibilities. More »


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    Open letter

    Dear TTLG RSSbot,

    I'm sorry - but this just isn't working out. I know you're trying your best but your constant clamour for attention is starting to wear thin. It's not your fault. I'd go to far as to say it's not you, it's Kotaku but I think you know that already.

    Before you post another depressed picture of Ken Levine hastily composited with a couple of random pictures; a description of how a Japanese cos-player has surgically altered their pet hamster to look like a big-daddy; or how Bioshock Infinite will make exploding barrels relate to modern storytelling; I'd ask you to take step back. Look at what you've become - an outlet for a news channel willing to publish the colour of underwear that the lead designer happened to pull out of the drawer this morning.

    Please take the time you need, alone preferably, and consider that quantity might not equate to quality. Bioshock Infinite will still be here (quite probably still unreleased) by the time you get back but I hope you find the time to get a bit more perspective in the meantime.



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    ^ What he says is that you're fired. Your things are already in the cardboard box next to the back door.

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    He hasn't even a box, needs we donate him one.

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