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Thread: The Battle for Wesnoth

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    The Battle for Wesnoth

    Little surprised this game doesn't have a thread here. It's a free open-source strategy game, hex- and turn-based. Not usually my thing, so I'm quite surprised that I enjoyed my first campaign as much as I did. After playing the tutorial, I went through A Tale of Two Brothers pretty quickly - and I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into a longer campaign. (I forget how to embed videos...)

    I really feel like trying out the editor - the game's setting doesn't really do much for me, but being able to write my own stuff would be super cool. As if I need more projects to work on right now .

    Also: why no Game of Thrones campaign? (Copyright issues notwithstanding...)

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    Wow I remember getting this back in 2006 I think it was and doing a bit, but I don't remember much about it now it's been so long and gets mixed up with other games. I didn't even recall it had an editor. I'd been meaning to get into it again and just hadn't got around to it yet... as with so many games.

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    I remember the mechanics being simplistic and stupid.

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    I remember the mechanics being simplistic and great!

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    I must say, I was surprised that the gameplay was so simplistic. Not necessarily what I'd expect, but I don't find it a detriment. Maybe it's just my strategy-game-challenged brain that needs something this stripped-down. I do wonder how the game mechanics hold up at higher difficulties, though.

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