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Thread: TDM FM:Sneak & Destroy by SeriousToni, Beginner's Contest 2012 (04/12/2012)

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    TDM FM:Sneak & Destroy by SeriousToni, Beginner's Contest 2012 (04/12/2012)

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    Downloading now.That's a pretty big file

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    Congrats on the release!

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    Anybody know where the key to the locked room upstairs is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustmite View Post
    Anybody know where the key to the locked room upstairs is?

    It is on the barmaid's belt !

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    Fantastic mission LOVED It!!! One question though does the bathroom second stall contain a secret it looks like it moves out because of the scrape marks on the floor??

    It was great to have more TDM missions Thanks to the builder!!

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    I may have stumbled into a bug that is preventing me from properly finishing the mission. It's partly my fault since I've only been saving to the one quicksave slot all along (a bad habit I keep forgetting about), but anyway, here's what happens:
    I'm playing on the highest difficulty, and the only objective I have left to complete is filling the loot quota. While I'm standing around in the shadows inside the large inn, in the totally empty corridor that's next to the reception room with the lady sitting behind the counter, after a certain amount of time (about 15 seconds), I get the "Objective failed" message and it's game over, no matter where I go or how many times I reload the same spot. In the game over Objectives list, the one about letting no one see me is crossed out as failed. How the hell does that happen? There's absolutely no way anyone can see me.

    Oh well, I'm not going to restart the mission to see the end, so this has been kind of a bummer for me. Otherwise, it's been fun and very beautifully put together.

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    Hello there guys, thank you for the appreciation!

    About the toilet
    The second stall doesn't move out, but you can hide there and wait for the mage to come into the bathroom so you'll encounter the REAL secret

    @ poronty:
    I am sorry but nor I, neither the other players / bug testers didn't encounter this issue. What a pity that you don't want to try again (maybe on another difficulty level) so you can not see the ending video

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    I downloaded it last week but didn't had time to play it.Easter and i did and it was really great

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    Where can i find the Ai creature that i must kill?

    Nevermind...found it.

    Mission finished.

    Thanks for this lovely map
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