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Thread: TDM FM: Rightful Property - by jysk (2012/04/13)

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    TDM FM: Rightful Property - by jysk (2012/04/13)

    "Short version introduction: An arranged deal involving a mysterious orb you stole beforehand was busted by the Builders. Your former "friend" took a flight with it. You tracked him down in the Seaside Inn near the docks, so its time to retrieve your rightful property!"

    or via the Internal Downloader

    Screenshots & Voting:
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    Thanks for this Congrats to the author.It's gonna be a long night with all of this new missions

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    Congrats, jysk

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    Even with slightly simple graphics and small performance problems in one spot, this mission has solid, solid, solid writing and just wonderful gameplay. Highly recommended!

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    Just finished and it was pretty awesome!
    Highly recommended

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    Finished this mission a day or so ago, just wanted to say it was great fun. It actually feels like about 5 missions in one with all the different areas and objectives (don't want to give too much away). Everyone should definitely check it out. I did have some performance issues with framerate, but there is a newer version out that fixes some of this I believe.

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