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Thread: Thief2 - Loading old savegames, missions start from scratch

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    Thief2 - Loading old savegames, missions start from scratch

    I can not load any old savegames for the original missions.
    I do see the savegames in the screen with my savegames and Thief2 will load the correct mission.
    But: the mission always starts from scratch and not where I saved long time ago.
    No matter which mission/savegame I try, it is all the same.
    I don't think they are all corrupted.

    A few things to mention:
    - my original install was using a regular german distribution
    - now I have the english 'Thief - The Complete Collection'
    - my hardware and OS have been upgraded in the meanwhile as well

    Is there any way to make old savegames work again?

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    If you did not save the old SAVES file elsewhere on your computer or rename the folder, then the answer is NO!

    When you do an install, all information is over-written and in this case the SAVES that were there are wiped out and the new SAVES is blank.

    If you want to keep the files, rename the folder or save it else where before the install. Then after the re-install just delete the new SAVES and rename the old folder to SAVES.

    I have saves burned to disc that are 10 years old. I can replace any SAVES file with these any time I want.

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    The problem is not that the savegames are gone or deleted.
    It is just like loading any of those savegames will make the corresponding mission start from the very beginning - even if the savegame-info indicates that it was made after 1 or 2 hours of gametime.
    So, I would need to start at 0:00

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    I can replace any SAVES file with these any time I want

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