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Thread: Grr... Thief2PremierPatch Killed My Thief2 Installation!

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    Grr... Thief2PremierPatch Killed My Thief2 Installation!

    I was trying to find a way to play A Dire Return. In the first post in the thread, Intruder said that it could only be played after having used the Thief2PremierPatch107-118. So even though I had already patched Thief2 to 118 some time ago, using the original patch Thief2107-118, I went ahead and ran the Premier Patch.

    Well, now I can't run any Thief2 FMs. Yeesh. They start out all right, but after a few seconds, the screen freezes up and I have to Ctrl-Atl-Del and kill the Thief2 application in the Task Manager to get out of the frozen screen. Or sometimes, when I click Continue on the first objective screen before the game starts, the entire screen simply goes to black right away; again, I have to kill the application via Task Mangler.

    At this point, I'm perfectly happy to write off A Dire Return, just so long as I can get back to being able to play other FMs. But when I tried to run the old patch again, it just complained that it only worked on version 1.07, and mine was already 1.18. (Well, yeah; but an inoperable 1.18!)

    How can I unpatch the Premier Patch to return to the Thief2107-118 original patch? I was able to play everything fine with that one, except for A Dire Return, of course.



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    Sounds like you need to set the affinity.

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    Another approach could be to try the Thief 2 patched exe from John Curran's site. You would still need to set processor affinity if you have a multi-processor rig. But this should get you back to a known thief2 executable. Just be sure to ALWAYS make a backup of anything you plan to change before you change it. That way you never have to regret changing something. You can always go back to the way it used to be.

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    Thanks, all; I am able to play FMs now, including even A Dire Return.

    But for some reason, the color is now a bit wonky: It seems to be sort of greenish, definitely greener than it was when I played the same mission (Bad Hangover) a few days ago.

    I can see reasonably well enough to play the missions, but is there any way to restore the color to how it's supposed to be?



    (And how come I was able to play with no problem... until I ran the Thief2PremierPatch107-118? You'd think the same problem would have existed before, under the original Thief2107-118 patch, on the same machine...!)

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    If you have an ATI graphics card, consider disabling Catalyst A.I. in your Catalyst Control Center. It's been known to cause problems with many games, particularly when using multi-core graphics cards or crossfire systems.

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    Just a stab in the dark, but did you install the right patch for the game?

    I have two versions of Thief, one released by Premier games and one by Sold Out games. Each have their own 1.18 patch and i've often used the wrong patch messing up the installation.

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    Hm; my Thief Gold and Thief 2 just say Eidos Interactive, and my Thief TDS says Eidos and Ion Storm.

    I don't think it's an ATI card; it's a GeForce 9800 GT; and on the card properties in Device Manager, it says its location is PCI Bus 1.

    Is it possible that the other one of the Core Duo processor, the one that Thief doesn't look at, is supposed to support some of the graphics color; and without it, it's too green? I have no idea how such tasks are split up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dafydd View Post
    Hm; my Thief Gold and Thief 2 just say Eidos Interactive, and my Thief TDS says Eidos and Ion Storm.
    Ah OK. Thief 1 and 2 (and a lot of 'old' games) when they are re-released to sell at bargain prices and because there was still some demand for these games long after their original release, were published under game publishers 'Sold Out Software' and 'Premier Collection' and a lot of people have these 'versions' of the games.

    Yours sounds like the original release by publisher Eidos. Lucky you.

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    Not lucky, Shadows, just ancient!

    Hey, total success... I remembered that before I got a new computer just for gaming (and with an eye towards trying out Windows 7), I used to play Thief on my normal workhorse computer. And when I transferred everything over to the new machine, I didn't erase the files from the old one -- I just never use them.

    So I had the brainstorm of simply shooting the Thief2.exe file, last modified in 2009, across the home network to my gaming computer, replacing the damaged file there... and by Crom and Eris, it worked!

    So now my system is back to where it was before I started monkeying around with it; the color is back to its normal state (pre-that blasted, useless Thief2PremierPatch107-118 patch); and as an extra added attraction, since I had started A Dire Return under that patch and gotten past my inability to start the game without it crashing, I was able to pick up with my last save just as if I'd been playing it all along with this version of Thief2.exe.

    So all is well; but I still feel like I cheated somehow. Of course, since the game in question is "thief," I don't feel too guilty about it...

    Thanks again!


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    Just noticed this and for those that are unaware, there are TWO premier is for the original Thief game disks and the other is for the sold out version...there is a subtle difference in these patches.

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