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Thread: FM data-mining endeavor

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    FM data-mining endeavor

    Hey guys,

    I'm a long-time thief fan (started in '98 with TDP as a 9 year old) and have always wanted to find a meaningful way to contribute to the community.

    I'm awful with dromEd, and don't know the first thing about modeling, so I never quite knew what I had to offer here: until now!

    I just graduated with a degree in statistics, and have many-month break before starting a econometric-heavy PhD program: long story short: I'm good with data.

    With all the amazing FMs out there, and our wide-variety of tastes, how great would it be to have a system to accurately recommend FMs based on other FMs you've enjoyed/not enjoyed, and even (potentially) your *reasons* for enjoying/not enjoying a partciular FM?!

    To pull this off would require a good bit of community help, however. Is there interest in such an endeavor?

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    I would be interested and would definitely give my two cents on the missions I've completed. Stay motivated and we might have a great thing going here!
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    You can count on me too
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    There is the Dark Wiki and it's Fan Mission pages which use tags:
    The Dark Wiki - Fan Missions

    Might be a good starting point.

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