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Thread: Peel: The Records

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    Peel: The Records

    Not sure how well this website works since I'm at work and can't check, but the first part of John Peel's record collection has now gone online. Not sure who can access this at the moment (might be UK only?), but I'm sure it's worth a look.
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    It works really well. Thanks for the link.

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    Yeah, thanks for the link, that's a pretty cool site - I've saved it in my bookmarks. It's nice that there are direct Spotify links for most (if not all?) records so that you can actually listen to them too.

    I'm looking forward to the records starting with B, as some of my favourite artists should be in there. And then again S much later in the year. Seems like it's "only" the first 100 records of each letter though... which makes me wonder how huge exactly was his record collection...

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    Thanks for the link, even though you have to be on [evil]facebook[/evil] to use spotify to listen to the music. And even then, lots of the music is not available in the ol' USofA. Bummer.

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    I wonder if Spotify works in Mexico...

    Hearing bits of some of his radio shows. Not bad, not bad at all

    Awesome link, N'Al.

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