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Thread: I'm sure this has been covered many times, BUT (Thief on Win 7)

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    I'm sure this has been covered many times, BUT (Thief on Win 7)

    Okay searching the forums resulted in a zillion threads, which were impossible to weed through... So I ask you:

    What do I need to do to get TDP and TMA running on Windows 7?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Tafferpatcher is where to start. It feels like it's luck of the draw whether you have problems or not. I had none but some people do.

    And Tafferpatcher for TG is here though I recently installed a TG and didn't need to do anything except set affinity. But I'm not sure if that will work with TDP or not.

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    I've very recently re-installed Windows 7 64 bit and the patch worked fine for me with TDP. Quick summary of the steps I took:
    • Copied the Thief folder from my installation CD onto my hard drive
    • Downloaded and opened the archive using 7-Zip
    • Extracted the contents of the tgfix1.05 folder in the archive into the Thief folder overwriting all files
    • Ran movecrf.bat
    • Edited cam.cfg in a text editor and changed the line "game_screen_size" to my monitor resolution
    • Opened a command prompt in administrator mode and ran "regsvr32 %systemroot%\syswow64\ir50_32.dll"
    • Right clicked on thief.exe in the Thief folder, went to the compatibility tab and ticked "Run this program as an administrator"
    • Ran thief

    I've not installed TMA yet, but I'd imagine the process is similarly painless.

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    I just purchased the Steam version of both Thiefs and have managed to get it working fairly painlessly with Tafferpatcher on 64bit W7. I had tried to do this manually at first by downloading and installing all of the separate patches separately but ran into a number of issues.

    The included updates such as Thief 2 skies, the updated texture pack and other goodies really make a huge difference to the look of the game. Having never tried any of these before, it's refreshing to see the engine with a slightly more modernized look.

    I'm still having issues with playing the videos however. It was working temporarily after I installed the XP version of the Indeo codec but hasn't worked since. I have followed all of the advice in the troubleshooting guide without any sustained success. They play outside of the game only. Has anyone tried encoding this in a different codec and got it working? I tried this on a couple of videos but it wont play within the game.

    EDIT: I just realised that I forgot to change Thief2.exe to run as administrator again after installing Tafferpatcher. It works fine again now after changing this.
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