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Thread: Translators Needed

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    Translators Needed

    OK, boys and girls, I'm working on making the Strife series one huge campaign. I'm perhaps a month away from release, so this would be a good time to put this out.

    I'd like to release the Strife Campaign with multi-language support. Only 2 of the 4 packs had support for Italian, so a little help is needed there. But I'd also like to do as many other languages as possible. If you're bored, PM or post here.

    The reason I posted here, is because some languages require a certain amount of technical savvy (Russian, for example).
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    Well I'd care about the german text translation.

    How many and what kind of voices do you need? Since I spoke VGuard7 I could speak a guard if there is one with a special dialog.

    If you tell me more details I'll post a request in the german forum.


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    Sorry, Zap. I meant to say "Translators Needed." I changed the title. Sorry for the confusion.

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