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Thread: Favorite Game Music TRACKS (blast from the past?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulphur View Post
    uh, have Baba Yetu as a counterpoint?
    I love Baba Yetu because it's a swahili translation of the christian lord's prayer. So in a game called Civilization, about building a civilization, they made what is essentially a colonialism pop hit the main theme.

    And no one even noticed. w00t!

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    How has nobody mentioned the Jet Set Radio games yet? I've only played Future, but the original has fantastic music as well. There's no way I can choose a favourite, so I'm gonna have to post up the title music: Concept of Love.

    And this one! Maybe nobody will notice I'm cheating if I make it small...

    Also, when I was a kid, I would leave my N64 on with the Windmill theme from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time playing. Annoyed my parents no end, I'm sure, but they seemed to tolerate the same tune over and over (and over...).

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    So many posts - and no Super Meat Boy. The soundtrack is excellent, and really draws influence from older games.
    As I have to choose one I'd go for it ends. Not even close to the actual end of the game but it's where things start to get tricky to say the least.

    Edit: I've also posted this before but it deserves a second mention. Monty on the run never sounded so good.
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    The OST for Dustforce is good. Lifeformed/Fastfall - Cider Time (also Swimming while it rains shhh...). Edit: Lol Sulphur already posted this. Well Then Swimming while it rains is my added contribution then.

    This is stretching the definition of "game", but the tracks for the surreal whatever it is La La Land 5 are something like inspired. (Or just skip ahead to the song I like.)

    "I'm no kin to the monkey no no no
    The monkey's no kin to me yeah yeah yeah"
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    I still don't understand why Tiberian Sun's soundtrack gets as much crap as it does. I think it's some of the most creative, uniquely styled and intricate music I've heard in video games.


    If anyone knows music similar to this (not just in games), I'd really appreciate some recommendations.

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    Good God, so many great tracks I've never heard (because I didn't play the games)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Al_B View Post
    So many posts - and no Super Meat Boy. The soundtrack is excellent, and really draws influence from older games.
    As I have to choose one I'd go for it ends. Not even close to the actual end of the game but it's where things start to get tricky to say the least.
    Heh, that's classic Danny Baranowsky. He's been a presence in the VG remix scene for years. One of the sillier things he's done is morph a couple of classic Castlevania themes into cheesy lounge music. It's a bit of a hoot.

    dema's La La Land 5 link reminds of me of another surreal 'punk' video game: Space Funeral. And this little ditty that sounds like it was recorded with everyone concerned playing at the bottom of a bog filled with bong water.
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    First track that comes to mind is the redbook track 23 from Mechwarrior 2

    I didn't know it had a name but apparently youtube calls it Wolf Trial 1


    I remember it was the 3rd mission in the Wolf campaign, and the first time you were rampaging around in a city with overwhelming odds. Been awhile since I crawled into a Summoner....

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    Seriously? That track and not this one? When I was playing MW2 back in the day, playing that level with my mech thundering across a barren landscape just before hell was about to explode on the horizon, that track was the fucking epitome of cool.

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    Ok, I'll play.

    Turrican theme for the Amiga 500. I know that Turrican 2 is has already been mentioned but I think this the better theme (and game!). I just love the build up and I heard this in shop before I had my A500.

    I suppose all my retro game music is from the Amiga and Atari ST. With that in mind...


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    Another from Turrican 2 - The Desert Rocks!

    Also someone mentioned Morrowind - that's still my favourite rendition of the Elder Scrolls theme.

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    All you Humpback fans should look into Apidya

    And since we're digging up Amiga classics

    and this

    and this

    amd this

    fuck imma stop now
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    Oh yes this very much.

    And since we're digging up Amiga racing classics.
    Though I wish they had incorporated the Amiga disk loading noises in the video, that intro is not the same without them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki View Post
    And since we're digging up Amiga classics
    Nice ones. That Cannon Fodder track!

    And the music was the best thing about Lost Patrol. The only good thing in fact. Well, the idea was good.

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    Obscure Polish Amiga stuff tiem:
    Kajko i Kokosz, bitches. I still have the original boxed game for the Amiga. Pity there's only music during the intro and outro, and that it's basically the only good thing about the game, but hey - nostalgia.
    Here are the downloads for the intro theme and the two endings (also excellent, like most things by XTD). Winamp needs a small plugin to play .mod and .xm files, dunno about other players.
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    My favourite from Apidya was always The Pond 1 2 3. Was one of my ideas to produce a remix/reworking myself.

    Allister Brimble Knocked out some Good Stuff with 4 channels:

    Body Blows Title

    The Project-X Rave-like intro - and because it's so short I'll shove the loading screen groove in too

    The Alien Breed Intro

    Hired Guns Loading Music and the intro music (not Allister Brimble, some guy called Brian Johnston)

    Off the Amiga Track momentarily with the Ridge Racer Revolution Demo Music - video seems to be a bit glitchy though.
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    The Secret of Monkey Island - Opening Theme (CD version). My name's Guybrush Threepwood and I want to be a pirate!

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Darkness at the entrance to Atlantis (CD version). I couldn't find the original version by itself, there's plenty of Let's Play videos where you can hear it though. Definitely find this song a little unsettling when playing through the game as a young child and fumbling around in the dark trying to find a way into Atlantis.

    Metal Gear Solid - Tank Hangar. I found this song really got me pumped the first time I was playing through MGS as a 13 year old; this track helps you feel that you are infiltrating a well guarded base and you need to stay alert.

    Medievil - Menu Music - Demo Version. I played a demo of this PSX game a lot, and I was highly disappointed that this song isn't in the full version. Well, the melody was reused in the track "The Crystal Caves", but it doesn't feel quite as magical, for lack of a better term.

    G Police - Flight Music Track 4. Quite memorable and very appropriate for the game setting. I miss the good old days of Psygnosis...

    Duke Nukem 3D - Stalker. Enough said.

    Wipeout 2097 (XL) - Loops of Fury. The entire soundtrack is phenomenal, and one could strongly argue that In Motion by Cold Storage or the instrumental version of Firestarter are the tracks people associate most with Wipeout 2097, but this track gets me in the mood for anti-grav racing.

    Half-Life - Drums and Riffs. The song that plays after you launch the rocket in the chapter 'On A Rail'. This one has stuck in my head for a long, long time

    Half-Life Opposing Force - Alien Forces. This is the track that plays before you fight the final boss. Does a pretty good job of psyching you up for the battle I reckon.

    Rainbow Six - Theme Song.

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    The track (about 4:20) from the original Syndicate, when enemy agents are near. The music in this game is wonderful altogether.

    Warcraft 2 has the best soundtrack from the series and probably of any RTS. All of the songs are fantastic, but maybe this one takes the cake.

    The former only takes place, if you don't count Sacrifice as an RTS, because it probably has the most inventive soundtrack I've heard.James theme wins.

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    I've always been partial to Undying Main Theme

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    Half-Life 2s incidental music is all great and fabulous for atmosphere.

    In fact so much of a games atmosphere depends on the music. Its a real art form getting it right.
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    Earthbound - One of my favorite all time video game soundtracks. While it had plenty of upbeat/quicker tracks, I love the flashback melody. It makes you really appreciate the time you spent with all the characters.

    Banjo Kazooie/Tooie - Another of my favorites, not just because of the quality of the music, but how many different versions of one tune were created to match a specific place in the world (e.g. the overworld theme changes to carnival instruments when you get close to the carnival world). Love all of the tracks but one of the signature ones is Glitter Gulch Mine

    Duke Nukem 3D - Let's Rock

    Doom II - My clearcut favorite is the theme to Suburbs/Map 16 . This level in particular is high on adrenaline, in large part due to massive amounts of spawning monsters in open spaces (like all the other levels...) Also gotta love the harpsichord but they only used it once

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki View Post
    Well, since we are: Xenon 2 Intro

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    That was a pretty reasonable rendition of Bomb the Bass's Megablast, although I think it needed most of the A500's memory to hold all the samples.

    Another track: Mr. Handagote from Machinarium

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    Going back in time still further, an 8-bit classic: Croco Magneto. I can't begin to describe how awesome this was at the time.

    "This was actually released free in the public domain back in the day, and it pisses over loads of commercial CPC software. It also has one of the best soundtracks to grace a CPC"

    And he's right.

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    OCR recently crowdfunded an album. This happens to be a remix project for the entire FFVI soundtrack. I haven't listened to the entire thing yet (74 songs!) but there's quite a few surprises in there. The most adorable one I've come across right now, though, is Shadow's theme:

    Yup, the budget OCR got let 'em go ahead and make the track what it was meant to be anyway: an ode to Ennio Morricone.

    The fanfare theme, as well, is... well, surprising.

    Lots of unorthodox choices, but executed well. The sheer density of stuff is going to take a while to chew through, but it looks like that money ensured a consistently high baseline for quality with this project.

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