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Thread: TTLG Revamp June 2012

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    Speaking of the bot: If the BioShock forum is archived, why has the bot been left running?
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    Undead robot. D:

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    It was refusing to play nice and die. It's now been "persuaded" that kotaku isn't a place for the undead and it shouldn't post again.

    (At least until a freak electrical storm resurrects it)

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    I might need to get my coat after this, but I think the problem with discussing stuff like Stalker, ElderScrolls etc etc in gen gaming is that gen gaming has been allowed to become a cess pit.

    Maybe that's necessary, and a good thing - like a jam trap for wasps.

    But if it wasn't, I'm sure you could have good discussions for all the other smarter games without turning TTLG into a confused thicket of dead subforums. And you might even get more talky forum fun about the smarter games by sticking it under the noses of more people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    Speaking of games that would be a good fit, it's kind of weird/funny how Bioshock, supposed heir to System Shock, was so categorically rejected by the TTLG community at large, not just the more vociferous members, ahem. After all the dust settled, I'd wager even Invisible War has more of a following here than Bioshock (if one judges by the near-zero interest in Bioshock Infinite).
    I'm pretty interested in the game - I'm just not particularly interested in *discussing* it. On the whole I find that I've become less excited about games (and discussing them) before they come out than would've been the case ten, twenty years ago. Still wouldn't justify a Bioshock forum, though; when the game comes out, I'm sure that it'll be talked about in Gen Gaming.

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    theres also the question of what exactly "embodies" the spirit of ttlg games?

    take Vampire as an example, great game, but really a forum dedicated to it would be like opening my wallet on an off pay week. I can only think of a few major threads, and realistically, they belong in gen gaming more than anywhere else.

    hang on are me and jay agreeing here? well well
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    There would be no point in having a dedicated VtMB forum now Piglick, but at the height of its popularity on these boards there would have been a great deal more to discuss such as classes, playing styles and discussions on the story and its characters. That is why I suggested that a new forum category should be created to house contemporary games that fit the mould of whatever it is that fulfills the criteria of being an eligible game.

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    even at the height of its popularity there was still only a few threads, why would you need a dedicated section? Jay Petit is bang on with this one.

    although I concede that it would make it easier for people who are actively looking for information about said game to find what they need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    Strictly speaking, "Thief III Editors' Guild" should be "Deadly Shadows Editor's Guild". But... eh.
    Strictly speaking both should have similar name patterns, so either twice "The Editor's Guild" plus game in brackets or something like "The Thief 1/2 Editors Guild (including System Shock 2)" and one for Thief 3 (which is called that way throughout the TDS/T3Ed system files, so no need to add the official game title...we don't do that for the others either). I'd vote for the latter:

    The Thief 1/2 Editor's Guild (including System Shock 2)
    The Thief 3 Editor's Guild

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    I would definitely get rid of the main page.

    -It hasn't been updated in 11 months. If updating it turns into a chore/hassle, like it has over the years, there's no point in trying to keep it up.

    -The content on that page could easily be posted in a dedicated thread on the forums.

    -The white rectangle that links to the forms is far too small. New users could arguably miss it. Regardless, the forums deserve a much better main link than that.

    -This has already been discussed elsewhere, but it can't be good when the top post on the main page tells you to join a forum that's NOT TTLG.

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    Yep, another vote for getting rid of the main page. It was nice for a while when Dan was updating it, but now it's just an advertisement for Dishonored and has nothing to do with TTLG (and as mentioned, it actually pushes traffic away from TTLG). Either get someone new to do some updating, or just toss it altogether.

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    I think we should revamp the main page. There is so much we could do with it, especially as there are a 2 games coming that are potentially very TTLG - T4 and Dishonoured.

    Also - we could easily have done what Sneaky Bastards did...

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    This is what kinda puzzles me about all of this. I understand for example why the Ultima, Wizardry, and Might Magic boards have all dried up. Because they arent making any more of those games! You have a "Thief 4" on the horizon and everyone is talking about folding up the tents! I just dont get it... I would give anything for a new Might Magic Ultima Wizardry!!!!

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    Not sure what you're going on about, no one said anything about folding up tents. We're just talking about the main TTLG page, which hasn't been touched in about a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldmoon Dawn View Post
    You have a "Thief 4" on the horizon

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    Quality post by van HellSing.

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    I always appreciated the nonsense way the forums were expanded/archived/altered here. It was nonsense, though. Navigating the main forum page was clunky at best, and 1/2 the forums irrelevant.

    Oh well, I made no bones about my complete lack of respect for the way this place was run. It is pretty much why I couldn't bear to click the bookmark for weeks at a time this year. I bow to our new lords and masters and am glad that people that actually give a fuck still, as opposed to the burned-out dinosaurs that just about drove this place into the ground, are at the helm. I also realize that this is a very unique forum with lots of sub-forums that can quickly become dated, but still...

    Thumbs up to the changes, they were actually voted on and make good sense. Cheers, TTLG.

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    The dormant, main TTLG portal site should be archived and redirected straight to the forums.

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    That is being discussed, exactly that.

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    No no no.

    Revamp it. Use it. Even if its only a glorified portal to the forums and links to the sister sites/ sites that are relevant.
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    You'll find out, all the points about the portal/main page have been discussed.

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    We have no say?
    Telepathy is not mind reading. It is the direct linking... ...of nervous systems... ...separated by space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subjective Effect View Post
    We have no say?
    You do - and it was the posts here that prompted the look at the main page. As you can imagine, only certain people have the ability to change the front page and their time is currently limited. It wasn't initially on the agenda to do any changes to it and it may done at a later point.

    From a practical standpoint I agree with the "glorified portal to the forums and links to the sister sites/ sites that are relevant" approach. TTLG is more than just the forums and although some of the hosted sites are quiet the front page can be used to generate more attention and interest there.
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    I would cite this as an example of an excellently-done community portal page.

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    That's a little boring, isn't it? Looks like one of the generic templates that comes with Wordpress.

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