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Thread: Thief Gold

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    Thief Gold

    I have downloaded 57 Thief Gold/Thief 1 missions, but only 25 of those will load and play. I use Garrettloader. I bought a new Thief Gold game from GOG and it plays on Windows 7. Why
    wouldn't all the 57 missions play. Garrettloader will only load 25 of these missions . I also set up Thief 1 on Garrett Loader and it will load (recognize) the same 25 missions.

    How can I get the other missions to play?


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    It would be very helpful if you can give a couple of examples of missions you're unable to play.

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    Also, there's a sort of consensus that it's better to use Darkloader for T1/TG/T2 and Garrettloader for T3. There are those who have no problem using Garrettloader for any of the games but if you are having problems with some missions, perhaps using DL will help.

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    I'm with nickie on this as well, use Darkloader. I bet your problem will be solved.

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    I can't play these missions:
    Bad Feeling
    Blue Rose
    Cabal 1, 2, 3, 4
    Crystal Clear
    Friend in Need
    Garrett Young Years
    Silent Nightmares
    Special Vintage
    Forgotten Stash
    Thief Den
    Thiefs Rising

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    Some of those are T2 and some are T3.

    Edit. I'm not sure where you downloaded them all from but you can do a search here for which game they're for.
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    Prowler is probably "Prowler in the Dark" for Thief 1, which should work.

    Blue Rose, All 4 Cabals, Silence, Bad Feeling, Special Vintage, Crystal Clear Conscience and Forgotten Stash are all Deadly Shadows missions.

    Thiefs Den is for The Dark Mod.

    Babel (I'm assuming "Tower of Babel"), Friend in Need, Garrett Young Years and Silent Nightmares are all for Thief 2.

    Caprice is the filename for Overlord's Ending, which is for Thief 2. Apache is an author, some of his missions were for Thief 1, and some for Thief 2, so you'd have to be more specific there.

    The others I don't recognize at all. Where did you download them from? It should specify what game they're for.

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    I downloaded a lot of them from

    There is a long list of Thief Missions for T1, T2, T3.

    The Cabal series will not play with any version of Thief. I have a long list of d/l that will not play with any version of Thief.

    I have not sorted them out as to which Thief version they belong to. Maybe later I'll get around
    to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kczul View Post
    I downloaded a lot of them from
    There's your problem right there. That site only hosts missions for Thief 3 and The Dark Mod. If you want T1/T2 missions, you'll want to go to it's sister site,

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    Another recommendation for Darkloader here. It is small, fast, and fills the need for dark engine games. Also, Apache had a cool campaign for T1. You should check it out. Shadow of Doubt I believe...

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    It was Sperry...

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    He showed screens of a T2 port of SoD a year or two ago, hope he releases it some day.

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