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Thread: Wake up! Or not...

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    Wake up! Or not...

    Time to time I just like to pass through and share some of my work.
    I got inspired to do something "Hellish" and evil although these freakish atmospheres prove to be right up my alley.
    I titled it "Wake up" and the audio will suggests why. All voice acting and editing done by myself.

    Take a listen if you'd like! Thanks!
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    The voice acting and audio work are well done. The running sound is too repetitive though.
    But most of all it lack a point, a story, any reason besides "I wanted to do something Hellish".

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    Hey, thanks a lot!

    I guess the jest of it is that most times you expect to hear (or see) a "wake up" scene thereafter this big chase, but no, the guy gets eaten and the demon tells him if he's dreaming then wake up. Well, he can't wake up because he's dead, lol. I tried to prepare the listener to be ready for a quick resolution of it being a dream and then be "surprised". I've done plenty others where there's always this happy resolving part but this time I'm like maybe the guy should just get sabotaged and that be the end of it. I could have explained this is some other ways, but I'll save it for the next mix!

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