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Thread: Trouble setting processor affinity

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    Trouble setting processor affinity

    Since switching to multi processor machines, I've always exited the game and accessed the processor affinity through the task manager. Out of the blue, I receive the following pop up message:

    Unable to access or process affinity
    The operation could not be completed
    Access is denied

    The other strange thing is that whenever I load a FM from DarkLoader (v4.3), my PC prompts me to allow access to Thief2.exe. It never did this before.

    To make things worse, I was in the middle of beta testing a mission at Shalebridgecradle.

    I'm not exactly computer savvy, so any advice or help is very much appreciated. I'll be happy to answer any questions about my PC in order to research and fix the problem.

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    I'm afraid I can't help with the original problem - hopefully you'll get an answer to that soon. But if you have to reinstall Thief there are a few programmes that fix the multi-core issue without having to use task manager.

    Have a a look at this post. I've used FlipTIB myself before now and it's very easy to install. And perhaps it might sort out the problem now. I haven't used ImageCfg myself but that's another one.

    Otherwise both DDFix and Tafferpatcher both have a multi-core fix and other useful patches.

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    Sounds like UAC is the culprit. Make sure to install the Thief games in a directory other than your Program Files directory (e.g. C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86)). You should also play Thief when logged in with Administrative Rights.

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    Thanks Nickie and Brian The Dog. I appreciate the information and advice. Hopefully, I can get it fixed this weekend.

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    I installed Tafferpatcher and (knock on wood) everything seems to be working fine. Again, thanks for the help!

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