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Thread: Walter - 2D liquidy puzzle/platformer bringing the smiles in 2013

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    Walter - 2D liquidy puzzle/platformer bringing the smiles in 2013

    Trailer spotted here:

    If you're incredibly rushed for time, the gamaplay starts 30 seconds in:

    The features on display might not be original (I'm certainly reminded of a variety of other games), but they do look beautifully implemented and presented as a package, and the game looks like great fun to me. Roll on 2013!

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    Cute concept. I'm sure it'll throw in a lot of puzzles that play off the properties of water or ice... conducting electricity, things can float in it, etc.

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    Looks great and definitely has a lot of cute appeal. Not sure how being made of liquid really affects the gameplay though. Apart from leaving a few drops here and there, the bag of liquid looks very static.

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    Lovely, cheerful music, I must say. Did anyone else spot the Amiga logo at the end? What was that all about?

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