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Thread: T2 fm-Cathedral of St.Vincent-6/18/2012

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    I mean, it's highly unlikely that players will encounter this issue. The key you need to retrieve your blackjack has loot right next to it, so you'd have to deliberately skip that loot in order for this to happen (and who skips loot in a Thief game?).

    Alternatively, you could set the "Find out who framed you" objective to be visible from the start, which would guarantee that players have an unfinished objective when they pick up the blackjack.

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    Thank you Grandmauden, that gave me an idea to fix that in a simple way, iŽll put the black jack and the purse inside a footlocker as well as a key to the door prison, so in order to leave the prison the player needs to frob the footlocker that includes the blackjack, the purse and the key... updating the mission now...

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    Good thinking, Pedro!

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