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Thread: Can't run Thief2 anymore - error at launch

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    Can't run Thief2 anymore - error at launch

    I cannot seem to run Thief2 anymore. It was working fine and then suddenly the right mouse button wasn't being recognized in game. I couldn't "use" anything. I couldn't figure out what the problem was so I reinstalled Thief2 to see if that would fix the problem and now Thief2 won't start at all. I've tried reinstalling several times, I've cleaned up my registry and I've checked for viruses. This is the error message and details I get when I try to launch the .exe:

    Thief 2: The Metal Age has stopped working

    Problem details:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: thief2.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 38dfb97a
    Fault Module Name: thief2.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 38dfb97a
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00169677
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: dc18
    Additional Information 2: dc18b7cca9442ac24168f8b29956fa03
    Additional Information 3: 197d
    Additional Information 4: 197da20bb06f9472bf0604df8759a097

    My system specs:

    Window 7 64 bit
    Quad core 240 GHz Intel i5 2430M
    6 GB RAM
    Thief2 version 1.18

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    updated any drivers recently?

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    running as admin I assume? which ddfix version do you have installed? if the latest one, I would try 1.5.5 (should be an user selectable option in Tafferpatcher)/

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    Originally, I was not running as admin and I was using ddfix 1.5.5. But after having so much trouble getting it to run after reinstalling it, I just tried to run it with no additions. Just the straight .exe right out of the box, so to speak. But it won't run with or without admin status and it won't run with or without ddfix installed.

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    no overclocking I assume? anyway, rule number one is: always take the cutscenes out of the equation. rename/move away the movies folder and/or and see if that gets you somewhere.

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    No, no overclocking. Good idea about the movies but I tried it and no joy.

    Even though I cleaned the registry after uninstalling, I can't help but wonder if it is a registry issue, only because it happened after a reinstall.

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    the game does nor really care about registry. maybe it can't find its resources for some weird reason? try posting the contents of your cam.cfg and darkinst.cfg, maybe there' something missing..

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    ; $Header: r:/t2repos/thief2/src/cam.cfg,v 1.24 2000/03/08 11:43:50 adurant Exp $
    ; hey, which game is this
    game dark
    ; general configs
    include_user_cfg user.cfg
    editor_include_dromed_cfg dromed.cfg
    ; game specific paths/configs
    dark_include_install_cfg darkinst.cfg
    shock_include_install_cfg install.cfg
    ; set trait cache to include concretes
    trait_cache_flags 2
    sfx_vol_music -474
    fogging 0
    enhanced_sky 1
    render_weather 1
    movie_volume_factor 0.7
    cd_path E:\
    install_path c:\games\Thief2
    language english
    resname_base c:\games\Thief2\res+E:\thief2
    load_path c:\games\Thief2+E:\thief2
    script_module_path c:\games\Thief2+E:\thief2
    movie_path c:\games\Thief2\movies+E:\thief2\movies

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    double check that all the crf files are in the res folder, and try adding game_screen_size 1024 768 (or you can try your native resolution as well) to your cam.cfg.

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    As far as I can tell, the RES folder has all the correct .crf files:


    Adding that line to cam.cfg didn't help either.

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    *scratches head* try commenting out cd_path, make sure you are running the game as admin, and no windows security featureal like UAC are interfering. you can also try adding
    game_hardware 1
    game_full_screen 1
    game_screen_depth 16
    to your cam.cfg. shots in the dark, I know, but I'm running out of ideas here.

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    Thanks for the suggestions but none worked. The most puzzling thing about this to me is that I have completely wiped Thief2 from my hard drive, removed all traces of it and reinstalled fresh and it just won't run. Whereas prior to developing this odd problem with the right mouse button suddenly, it had been running fine on this system.

    The only other thing I can think of is that my CD has somehow become damaged in some way and some file or files are not being installed correctly or completely.

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    Get a copy off and see what happens.

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    First rule of the Thief club is to have more than one copy of Thief. Hope you get it running again, and soon.

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    Yep, I do have more than one copy. I have two more not even out of their original packaging yet. I just haven't had time to try a new install yet.

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    So I installed from a brand new, never-before-used disk and I have the same problem. So whatever the problem is, it obviously doesn't have anything to do with the CD.

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    try making a working install on another pc and copying it over to your main (the problematic) one. Tafferpatcher should make the install portable, if I'm not mistaken.

    any chance you installed openAL recently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    try making a working install on another pc and copying it over to your main (the problematic) one. Tafferpatcher should make the install portable, if I'm not mistaken.
    If I can get access to another PC I'll give this a try.

    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    any chance you installed openAL recently?
    Nope. I don't even know what that is.

    Thanks for your continued suggestions. Nothing has worked yet but I appreciate the effort.

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    maybe it got installed with some other game. check add/remove programs, maybe it will be there.
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    Nope, not there. And no other unknown or problematical programs installed in that list.

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