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Thread: Oh, Oh, Okami

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    Did I hear someone say weeaboo?

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    So, I've been playing this for a while and for me it's holding up relatively well so far. The art style certainly saves the game from the worst, although the occasional poor quality texture stands out even so. I'm using a keyboard and mouse, as I had trouble getting my controller to work, but it's quite playable and the mouse is ideal for the brush. However, it also makes the already easy combat completely trivial. I don't think I've used a health item once. The game itself is charming as ever, though, and now I get to play it in Japanese and pick up all the references I had no idea about the first time around. It's been a great way to relax, as I put on a podcast or an audiobook and unwind for a couple of hours with this sumi-e painted Zelda-like and its quirky characters.

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    I wish I could read all the kanji floating around everywhere, but even so I love the zen shodo calligraphy style.

    I still love the game personally. I think for a lot of people it's not going to be that challenging but it's just a very positive experience for me. And I like playing as a wolf. Maybe I'd prefer it in Japanese because I find the localised dialog a bit cheesy. Translation is inevitably Americanised to an extent which is the way it is, but it's not "English" in terms of colloquialisms.

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    From what I've seen of the English translation (I check a let's play occasionally when the Japanese gets too tough for me), it seems pretty spot on, generally. Maybe the characters have a little more personality in the way they speak, which is really difficult to convey in English.

    I don't really mind the difficulty, as I play it mostly for the light-hearted atmosphere, but it's definitely a bit odd to think the game comes from from the same developers who made God Hand. Mechanically, it does feel a bit shallow, though, especially after the new Zelda. And the draw distance kills me a bit every time something pops into existence a few feet away.

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