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Thread: Nostalgiarama: AVP classic 2000

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    Nostalgiarama: AVP classic 2000

    So I'm revisiting AVP for a couple reasons: A) A nostalgia trip, and B) To see if my memory is true and the game was in fact totally kick-ass.

    I ended up continuing to play because the game is damn fun and fucking challenging (in parts).

    Not only is the game as good as I remember, it doesn't look half bad. I know its mostly due to clever lighting and darkness covering sharp corners, but who cares how they did it. The predator levels don't even look bad and you can see everything, though vision modes mask it slightly.

    I've been working my way through the alien campaign on directors cut and its not easy. If you know the level, you can run through in about 10 minutes with an aliens speed though. I've been attempting to "ghost" the last couple missions (I say "ghost" because its not always possible to not get seen, but I've been letting people live if I can and just sneaking). The mind-stretch of constantly being at weird angles observing people just puts me in the coolest mood.

    The marine is just strait balls-out suspense and action. I feel less like playing the marine than I do alien, but if you can get in the mindset to just go at it, its tons of fun.

    Predator is fun, but not as hard more puzzles. It will be the last campaign I beat (if I beat it).

    I started a multiplayer skirmish game the other night with my brother not even thinking that anyone else might see it, but within 20 minutes we had a 5 person skirmish going for at least a good hour, so apparently there are still people playing.

    Anyone who is bored and in need of something to play should look it up. Its 5 bucks on steam and runs on windows 7_64 fine (for me).

    Anyone else interested in playing? I would love to get some regular team-dm games going if I can find enough people interested.

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    I agree marine is some serious shit-my-pants scariness, but the "press a button, go figure out what it did" gameplay in later maze-like levels just got the best of it an I never finished it. I dont think I managed to get past the first level of the Alien campaign heh.

    AVP2, tho less scary, was a bit more enjoyable to me as far as the campaign went, I guess since it contained a bit more "story" or at least felt more cinematic?

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    I saw that when I was trying to get pirated AVP to work. When I got it on steam I lost interest.

    I like the short cinematics in AVP, it makes the game look less dated. I played the first couple levels of AVP2, and it was OK, but when I was a full grown alien running around at person-speed, and unable to climb more than 10 feet without getting fried, I started getting bored.

    Contrast that with the first alien level of AVP where you seriously feel like the killing machine that you are.

    Edit: I might actually install that for the marine and predator campaign. It looked too bright for the alien campaign tbh.
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