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Thread: Bringing back Ctrl-Shift-0 in PSP under Vista+

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    Bringing back Ctrl-Shift-0 in PSP under Vista+

    I am a Paint Shop Pro user as I imagine many of you are. Beginning with Vista, you may have noticed that the Ctrl-Shift-0 shortcut to go from 8bit to 24bit colors no longer works. Since I use this all the time when loading a GIF or indexed PCX texture for editing, I had gotten used to mousing through the menus to do this. Well, there's a way to get back that beloved keyboard shortcut!

    It works for me on Win7 and I'll be doing it on my Vista machine tonight. I wonder if there are unintended consequences, though?
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    Oh, sweet, that'd been bugging me for a while now. I just figured it was inevitable software rot from running an 11-year-old program on a modern OS.

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    Très cool! Seems a trifle aggressive to assign that unilaterally when, as I suspect, over 99% of the Windows installations are uni-lingual and have no need for it. I think you were experiencing the unintended consequences of that MS developer's decision already. Unless you need to hot switch between language keyboard layouts, what could be the harm of removing the hot switch feature?

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    For extra fun, Windows 7 loves to keep the English (United States) locale installed, no matter how many times you delete it. Suddenly getting the US keyboard layout because you hit some random hotkey is not actually fun.
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    Oh, that's nothing that you did. Apple is just beta testing its plan to take over the world by disabling all Microsoft PC keyboards, and is just using the US layout for the tests. Pay it no mind.

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