Moving on to Thief 3 for the greatest FM timeline here are the list of the FM's with the forum hits.
This has proven to be the most difficult to judge. Not a lot of missions and nothing really stands out. I will also post the top missions on the regular timeline forum and just like the Thief 2 2009 and 2010 FM's, you all will be able recast your vote on how something should really be placed here.

The Top 10

The Bridge 301
The Keeper 158 (The Keeper Set)
The Hotel 199
The Blue Rose 165
The Secret Room 255 (End of Keeper Set)
The Crypt 7.6
The Valley 198
Cabal part 1" Furious Flames 172
Cabal part 2: Night of the long nights 42
Evicted 142

Another 5

All the World's a Stage 140
Oldstone Castle 127
Cabot 108
Bad Feeling 101
Special Vintage 93

Others Missions.

Lord Raven's Mansion 87
Avoiding Mistrust 82
Lord Julian's Labyrinth 70
Crystal Clear Conscience 68
Krellek's Labyrinth 65
Hearts and Minds 55
The Walk 51
Escape from Castle Black 43
Impurities in the Mix 14
Unknown Temple 14
Silence 4
Two Steps -----

Missions with actual scores

Starting from Scratch 6.7
Defender of the Crown 6.2
Forgotten Stash 5.8
Creature Clash 3 5.3
Skulduggery 5.0