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Thread: First play through of thief gold on ultimate difficulty mod?

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    First play through of thief gold on ultimate difficulty mod?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this game and also to the forums here. I recently purchased all three thief titles on steam during the sales and am now currently playing my way through Thief Gold with the 'tafferpatcher' mod along with the ultimate difficulty modification. All I can say is this game is amazing, the visuals still look decent even more then a decade on with these mods. Cragscleft tested me in terms of difficulty, I am now halfway through Assasins in Ramirez's manor and doing quite well. Just wanted to know, can all thief 1 and 2 with ultimate difficulty be completed easily? Or is it impossible in some missions?

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    I haven't a clue I'm afraid but no doubt someone will know. I just wanted to welcome you to the forums.

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    Believe I tried that mod a few years back. It only increases enemy awareness, correct? I am sure both games can be finished though. If you're thinking about using no-alert modes (ghosting), then it might be a tad harder.
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    Just found these vids on Youtube:-

    Where the player is using the said Mod of this thread.


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