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Thread: Sound Suggestion Needed for Schema

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    Sound Suggestion Needed for Schema

    I have a steam machine which I want to
    • make a starting up sound when turned on
    • make a continuous (loop) working sound when active
    • make a stopping sound when turned off
    • make a continuous (loop) steam escaping sound when off

    I think that Event Activate, Event ActiveLoop, and Event Deactivate will take care of the first three, but is there an Event InactiveLoop (or equivalent) keyword for the sounds a machine makes while off?

    Edit: I guess not. In ENVSOUND.SPC

    //EVENTS -what action just took place
    tag Event Acquire Launch Collision Footstep Damage StateChange Activate ActiveLoop Deactivate Death Select Reject MediaTrans Climbstep Motion Create Rotate Shoot WeaponCharge WeaponSwing Search

    And I don't think that this is as simple as defining it here, something needs to set the event state to be InactiveLoop even if I add it here. Any suggestions?

    Maybe I should just have the steam escaping sound always on, throughout the other states . . . ?
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    I think the OnOffSounds script controls which schema is played, and in Telliamed's description there's no mention of any inactive loop.

    Your last suggestion is a good one, but there are two NVScripts that play sounds. You could use the design note to swap the usual on/off messages. Or you could try controlling it with the schema messages if there are any you could use.

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