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Thread: T2X should not be archived

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    T2X should not be archived

    I'm not trying to create a fever here, but I really think the T2X forum should not be archived.

    I'm making a very conscious, straight-forward statement here, but I believe it's the pinnacle of what TTLG stands for. To me, at least, the effort and meaning behind T2X is on-par with the effort put into the general TTLG site.

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    I don't know whether you were back at the time the revamp was announced but this is the discussion thread about the changes to the forum. There wasn't a dissenting voice at the time.

    At some point there will be a new front page, probably a portal and if so, when the content comes up from discussion I'll suggest a link to T2X because I agree it was a major achievement and very special. And I will bring your post to Admin attention.
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    Archiving the T2X forums just means we can't post there, right? Everything is still accessible to read and search I'm guessing. If so, archiving it seems to make sense to me. Most everyone here has certainly played through it several times already, and brand new folks can post their questions in the FM forum. If you look at the T2X forums, there basically hasn't been any activity there for about a year.
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    A link to the T2X forum has been added to the Links thread so there's no need to go delving around in the Vault to find it.

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    I guess I am one of many who really loved the one & only T2X fm (that I know of), I really wish there were more, it was a great joy!

    Kinda breaks your heart when a beloved 'thing' is 'put out to pasture'!

    Now on with fabulous new T1/T2/T3 FM's!! (Please!!)

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    What T2X FM?
    The Keep for Thief 1 and 2 FMs, Shadowdark for Thief 3 and Dark Mod FMs

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    I rarely post. Lurk most of the time and am busy working much of the time.
    I had T2X installed a couple years ago before a install went south.
    I haven't managed to get around yet to reinstalling and picking it back up.
    I haven't completed T2X once but only played a little and it was great what I remember.
    When I get around to getting it setup again and want to ask questions what will the main thread being archived mean for me and everyone else?
    If we can't post to the old thread will posting to a new thread for new discussion be encouraged or discouraged?

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    If you can't find the answer to a question in the T2X forum, or the walkthroughs, then feel free to post a new thread. I promise you won't get a slap.
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    As nickie said, any questions on T2X will be welcome in the FM forum from now on. Most people here have played it so we should be able to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post
    As nickie said, any questions on T2X will be welcome in the FM forum from now on. Most people here have played it so we should be able to help.

    Not I - I've never been able to get it to work But with the 100s of other FMs it's not been a big deal.

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    ValmontPhl, you definitely should try everything to get T2X working - highly recommended & very nearly a whole Thief game in itself!

    Have you read through the T2X Technical FAQs?

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