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Thread: Thief 2 2011 Greatest FM Poll.

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    Thief 2 2011 Greatest FM Poll.

    Here is the entire list that I can find of all the FM's for 2011. Again look it over and tell me what you think.

    The Top 15 by forum hits.

    Last Lighthouse Keeper 376
    Finals at the Academy 365
    Sorrowful Farewell 336
    (Of The Sinister Awakening) 121
    (The Library of Babel) 45 Part of a set with Sorrowful farewell and insanities cresendo
    Lingering Whispers 254
    Anna to the Rescue 228
    Deadly Triangle 225
    Day Worker 195
    Cataclysmic Revelations 174
    Being Thief 164
    Trail of Blood 2 154
    Off to Milhorn Manor 154
    Revenge of Lt. Hagen 142
    Complicated Cargo 111

    Notable Series: All Torc with Stones and Glass Houses

    Those that got over a hundred hits.

    Strife part III 155 (learned it is part of a much larger campaign of around 11 missions strong that was completed in 2012)
    Mistress Guennean's Castle 103
    Soulforge Revisited 102

    The Rest

    Strife part IV 74
    Rustler 71
    Upside Down 67
    Lord Beltzer's Mansion 63
    Son of Dejavu 1: Mountain Maya 63
    Tower of St. Moria, The 60
    Horreur St Urbain 54
    To The End With Nothing 54
    Ransom 33
    Snowball Fight! 30
    Bodysnatchers 2
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    I would have to include Stones & Glass Houses and Trail of Blood 2 in my personal Top 10 regardless of thread hits, but that's just my opinion.

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    And Being Thief.

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    Ok how about these changes see above. Going for the 10 missions to the regular 15.
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