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Thread: need help with ai skin

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    need help with ai skin


    Rainstall keep is down along with the new link posted as well. On that site a couple years ago, I learned how to correct the holes in the skin problem. You know, like the skin has been moth eaten.

    I remember using 255 (pink) but cannot remember the procedure. Does anyone have that tutorial handy?

    I am using Psp 8

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    Index 0 is the transparent colour, so change it to something that will stand out in the image, like red or green, then use the colour replace tool to swap the new colour with any other colour.

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    The process I follow with a predefined palette I want to use without changing the palette is:

    1. Save the original palette as a named palette..
    2. Edit color 0 to be neon green or hot pink.
    3. Save the edited palette as a named palette (name-Pink or name-Green).
    4. Undo back to the unedited original palette.
    5. Load the name-Pink or name-Green as "nearest color matching" & make sure that the special color doesn't show up in the image.
    6. Load the original palette as "maintain indices"
    7. Done

    If I am making a new palette where I want to be sure that index 0 is not used, I will make a layer with a splash of neon green or hot pink that overlays part of the image where the underneath colors are also elsewhere on the image. Then I just decrease the color depth to 256, and use the palette editor to swap the neon green or hot pink color (wherever it is) with whatever color was put in in palette index 0, save the palette, undo back to normal and load the saved palette.

    There is also the Bright183 tool to make palettes for you ... NV put together a few command files to tame it, but you can make your own to do special stuff too. And Telliamed has a GUI front end for it too.
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    Larry's method insures you don't lose a colour, but I usually am much too lazy to do that. Instead I make index 0 pink or green, then use the Colour Replacer like R Soul said to change all pixels from that to index 1 (which is usually the closest to what ended up in 0 after you downsampled to 256 colours, but YMMV).

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    My process was for using a predefined palette without changing the palette. If you trust the Color Replacer and don't mind changing the original palette, do that. But I have been burned too many times by Color Replacer settings not being what I expected to trust it without more thought than I want to put into it for a simple palette fix.

    You can use my process and stop at step 5 if you don't mind having a new palette. But if you are going to do that, you might as well go whole hog and generate an new optimized palette with the 2nd process I mention.

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    Thanks Robin, Larry, and Russ ! Very helpful, and it seems to work great ! Hopefully a new water tutorial will come up sometime, as that was an excellent one.

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