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Thread: Expeditions: Conquistador

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    Expeditions: Conquistador

    Hello fellow Looking Glass Studio fans.

    I hope you'll allow me to indulge in a bit of self-promotion, it was suggested to me that I post this here, though I hesitated because what I'm doing isn't really directly descended from the Looking Glass philosophy. Gaming-wise, I'm sort stuck between the Looking Glass school of game design and the Black Isle school of Game Design, and this project is definitely more born out of the Black Isle pedigree. However, since my last project was firmly in the Looking Glass camp, I hope I have some goodwill here that I can burn through now.

    Excuses out of the way, on to the point:

    I'm working on a party-based, turn-based, tactical roleplaying game with an open world structure, branching and non-linear narrative, resource management, and lots and lots of long-term choice and consequence, both in the story and in the gameplay. We've been working on it for some time, and all of the major game systems are finished and working well, but the game hasn't yet got the depth and scope that we want it to have. We need more time to produce content for the game, and time is money.

    Therefore we've just launched a Kickstarter project to try to scrounge up the funds to finish the game. That'll involve lots and lots of quest and dialogue writing, art and animation, level design, and a fair bit of programming in terms of fleshing out the combat system and adding even more details and abilities.

    You can read all about the game and our goals for it on the Kickstarter page, where you'll also find a gameplay trailer in addition to our presentation video, but I'll reproduce the feature list here for your perusal:

    • Engaging and intricately branching storyline with difficult decisions and long-term consequences.
    • A gallery of unique expedition members who chime in during events & conversations and react to your decisions - pay attention to their morale or you may have to deal with mutiny!
    • Random events that throw you into danger, present unexpected opportunities, and build relationships with the members of your expedition.
    • High replayability - dynamic endings reflect decisions you've made throughout the story, how much gold you bring with you back to Spain, and how many expedition members you've lost (or gained!) along the way.
    • Detailed and tactical combat - make use of flanking, traps & barricades, attacks of opportunity, interrupts, cover & concealment, character abilities, and more.
    • Character management - unlock special abilities by promoting your expedition members, assign equipment to your troops, and treat injured or sick characters with a triage system.
    • Dynamic trading system - barter with different merchants and buy & sell resources based on local market conditions.
    • Campaign maps based on actual topological maps of the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

    If you have any questions, I'll be happy to hang around and answer them. You can also ask on the Kickstarter page if you've donated at least $1, then our producer will field your questions.

    Your attention is greatly appreciated.
    Jonas Wver
    The Nameless Mod
    Logic Artists

    Current project: Clandestine - 90's spy thriller with asymmetric co-op

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    I think a lot of us are as into the Black Isle/Obsidian/Troika/Bioware school nearly as much as the Looking Glass/Ion Storm/Irrational/Arkane school. This looks really interesting. If I can spare something before the kickstarter ends I'll do so.

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    That is much appreciated, friend.

    Alas, Troika, we hardly knew you. The wounds... have not yet healed
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    This is a bit random, but I have never played TNM nor even heard your name before. I recently found one of those "game design / reviews / watchamacallit" type blogs I started reading since it was pretty interesting and after a while realized OH CRAP ITS THE TNM GUY!

    So long story short, I have recently become a fan I should really check out TNM as well one of those days. Best of luck on the proejct, looks interesting as I wait for the trailer to buffer!

    (EDIT: and, of course, I do know your name now )
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    Oh! Jeez, thanks. I really ought to update that blog more, but right now all my writing is being done either on the game or on our Dev Blog. I'll get some more entries posted there throughout the Kickstarter, got a post about our development tools in the pipeline

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    Well, this isn't really my kind of game but you've got a pledge from me anyway. I got 60+ hours of play time in TNM and enjoyed the hell out of it, so consider this late payment.

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    Your payment is gratefully accepted sir, thank you for your generosity

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    I highly recommend that you mention on your company website/Kickstarter bio that you worked on The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex. It gives you lots of street cred which will only help your Kickstarter project. As it stands, the actual amount of PC game development experience for your team is very nebulous.

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    We debated that, but the problem is The Nameless Mod was not a commercial project, so it doesn't really compare to what we're doing now. Otherwise we can put a fairly impressive range of student games on our CVs as well, but I doubt people will care?

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    Geeks with cash and a penchant for old-school stuffs will.

    And that IS kinda your target market. :P

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    Hate to say it but DDL's right. Namedropping TNM will get you a lot of attention you wouldn't otherwise get, especially considering how widely used Kickstarter is these days (take it from me, having been involved in a KS project myself that went exactly nowhere.) People aren't as willing to just throw their cash at anything now that the honeymoon period is over and KS is officially a "thing."

    "GIVE ME MONEY" "i'm sorry who are you?"

    You're not John Carmack and you're not making Wasteland 2; you need all the help you can get. Nobody cares who you are or what you're making if they don't know your association with TNM. Hell, if you hadn't specifically linked to TNM in your opening paragraph I would've dismissed you for just another PR huckster like Sickmind with his endless screenshots of crates.

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    I didn't like TNM all that much (personal taste rather than any actual criticism), but the care, passion and talent that obviously went into it got you a pledge from me. :-)

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    Whaat? No mention of TNM anywhere? Seriously? It was immensely popular, why wouldn't you want to capitalize on years of hard work? It was more than just a "student project" as it was actually successful.
    That $10000 you have now? Most of it comes from those who are familiar with TNM, I'm certain of it.

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    Has this been featured on RPS in their weekly kickstarter updates? I'd make sure they know about it, as it would certainly draw some attention from the hardcore RPG people. Probably wouldn't hurt to get a news item on rpgcodex or gamebanshee or wherever, either.

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    Yeah RPS gave us a mention at the very end of their Kickstarter Katchup, it was barely more than a joke about hexes. We're polishing off a preview alpha of the game now so we can send it off to the press Friday or Saturday, hopefully that'll convince them to give us a proper write-up (after all there's only so much you can write about a Kickstarter full of promises).

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    Kickstart successful.

    Along with the PR, it certainly helped that you had a realistic, achievable goal.
    Congrats and good luck with the game.

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    Congratulations on getting this game released. I'd forgotten about it to be honest. I didn't back it but will pick this up within the next couple of weeks when I'm on break.

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