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Thread: EPIC MICKEY: Unfairly Maligned or Failed Wii Product of Spector's?

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    So a guy makes a thread about one of TTLG's "key" developers and their undertalked game and he gets shat on for capitalization? And even if the game is not "conversation worthy" sure lets bag on the poster, not the game. Seriously, TTLG, you disappointed me...

    Regarding the OP, I never played Epic Mickey but always felt it was just a case of a typical hype/marketing and game mismatch. A tame, enjoyable Disney platformer hyped as an "epic" game from the creators of Deus Exes, System Shocks and Thiefs. I never bought into that hype so never was bothered by the final outcome and, as I said, never checked it out. Not having a Wii, aside...

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    I honestly thought he was marketing. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    I saw some documentary on this (actually the one on Ub Iwerks IIRC; good doc)
    Was it this one?

    Just curious because the one you describe sounds like something I'd like to see.

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    It's been a while so my memory is a bit hazy, but yes I'm almost positive that was it. Great documentary ... Not just of Ub but on the history of animation period.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yakoob View Post
    A tame, enjoyable Disney platformer hyped as an "epic" game from the creators of Deus Exes, System Shocks and Thiefs. I never bought into that hype so never was bothered by the final outcome and, as I said, never checked it out. Not having a Wii, aside...
    Yeah, the quote Spector used was something like "I'm tired of making games about guys in black cloaks", which is fair, but I saw a lot of it as he was just more interested in turning to cash-cow franchises like everybody else... Same reason Randy Smith turned to mobile games and some other examples I can't remember just now. But this isn't to say that even cash-cow franchises don't deserve criticism if they don't make a good game... They still do. Well, ok, maybe it's pointless when it's something like FarmVille, where its players deserve the POS game they get... But for this, it's still in the realm of a respectable game and its players can deserve to have better gameplay for EM2.
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    To be fair, if you've already hit your peak, and attempts to build on it have failed (Deus Ex -> Invisible War), then why not let the new blood take over as the visionaries and you just concentrate on getting paid?

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    I don't understand why it's about getting a paycheck when he could be making Epic Mickey games because he genuinely wants to and it interests him.

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    I know I'm late here, but stop being dicks, people.

    Abusing someone for writing titles in all-caps is dumb enough; insisting that they edit their post is ridiculous. Jesus. If we insisted that some of you lot edited the idiocy out of your past postings, it would take you weeks.

    If you don't have anything constructive to add to a discussion, why can't you just leave it alone and read a different thread? (I'm not even joking; what's wrong with you? Do you do this in face-to-face conversations as well?)
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    Warren has always been interested in cartoons and cartoon games. If people haven't heard that before, check his wiki page. His MA thesis was a critical history of WB cartoons and most of his early work was on cartoon RPGs: the Toon series, a Rocky & Bullwinkle game and some Marvel comics games. I don't know if it's fair to say he was chasing a pay day since it seems he was getting back to his roots.

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    When you put it that way, sounds like just the opposite. He got away from his roots into guys with black cloaks because that's where the market was, and now he's established enough he can work on what he wants to. I think it's still fair to say his legacy will probably always be about his FPS work though, which is more about his audience than him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    Yeah I saw that. I'm referring more to the way good animation is integrated with the soundtrack. Ub Iwerks and Clampett/Avery were masters of that. Good cel animation has a rhythm to it. The Rogers/Hammerstein thing Spector is doing with Epic Mickey 2 is certainly neat, though.
    Sly cooper did this really well, the way he'd creep around being timed with the bass riff.

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    I tried to play Epic Mickey, but I just couldn't put up with the controls, and wasn't particularly absorbed by the story. I had a great deal of frustration on a simple, early jump, went a bit further, put it down and never picked it back up again. I imagine there are some gems in there somewhere, but I couldn't be bothered to dig them out.

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