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Thread: Canon texture packs?

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    Registered: Dec 2000
    Purgator, thatís some nice work recognising the sources of the textures. Grundbegriff would be proud!

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    Purgator - how do you find them? Do you use some kind of image recognition software, that processes all the image files available on the internet?

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    Thanks! I will work on this some more to match the original a tad better. As for finding them, I just don't get out that much any more.
    The textures for Civicbui and CivicB2 are almost all from Vienna. I've been focusing my attention on the architecture from there and the work of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach in particular.
    I do own rather a lot of books on Medieval art history, those have helped immensely with other finds. Search Engines have yielded quite a lot too, though through text search rather than image search, oddly enough!

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    Apologies! I had completely forgotten about this.
    I've tweaked the colour to suit the original texture (to the best of my ability).
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    Thanks, Purg...It now has that more suitable bronze look.

    Great work!...

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    Great, I'll add it to the files for the next update.

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    Do you take resizes or textures need to be done from scratch? Cause some of the Original ones can be resized without loosing quality. Specially the art ones or ones that have been stretched the most in game:

    For example wmveg:

    Not much of a difference in size but in game looks better, not as noticeable but still

    Just a resize with a bit of noise reduction, nothing else done.


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    Um. Any resizing by it's very nature loses quality. The algorithms used to scale up the image must make formula based guesses as to what pixels to add between the existing pixels of the smaller scaled image. Those guesses are just that, guesses. They cannot add definition. They can only interpolate between existing points and hope that makes it look almost as good as the original. What you are doing with your scaling of the original is locking in a particular pixilization of the image and then having the dark engine re-scale it and re-interpolate the image. The result is a mishmash of the original image which, generally, is just blurrier.

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    You can still add a bit of noise reduction to mitigate the blurry look sort of to compensate for the resize. Here's another example:



    This is just an example and not the right type of texture which should be resized since it should resemble paint over wood but art textures like bckdr03 presented above it could be considered as an alternative if nothing else works.

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