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Thread: upversive

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    Listen, your photos are too dark. The only way to see them properly is to import them into a secondary program and increase the gamma/brightness.

    Awesome pics btw!!!

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    To be honest all the while mind you its just from seeing those awesome screenshots be judged by that, Upversi acts as an alternative dimension of yet another "The" Dark Project in my imagination, although I really hope this project of Upversi going to reach the end of the tunnel.

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    I hope the same also, too much work has already invested into it They are a bit dark, because its "the dark level" sort of speak, but im still working on it :P Hopefully a preview of a level will be online, when i take care of the final details, and the website hosting issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by htmlsam View Post
    Gapa? whats that?
    Full name Gamma Panel. It avoids having to import them into another programme. I just use it to temporarily lighten the screen to see an image and then 'restore default' when I've finished. Quick and easy.

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    Sounds usefull I opened a discussion forum in the steamgreenlight link, soo that people can also post theyr toughts there I hope to finish the Blue Cave level in a few days, its time consuming to take care of all the details, when that is taken care of, people can travel the level with some degree of interactivity i hope.

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    These screenshots look good I guess, but it screams more "The Dawn Project".

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    Its the introductory level, the place where you begin the game No worries, the Night and Day cycle will take care of the shadows :P In this game the shadows move soo timing is a strategy element also :P

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    I'm really looking forward to this. Reminds me of TDM.
    When are you planning to release it?

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    TDM? The release date depends on the AI that is beeing worked upon, some ideias are quite inovative and i dont want to spoil too much, but what i can say is that it must provide a unique gameplay, since the AI in thief was quite predictable :S ...

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    Looks interesting and very pretty. So is this an MP/co-op only game, or can it be solo'd as well? And how many maps/missions/levels are you planning on having? I'd say, if you can, draw up a list of influences on your game and try and make a homage to each one. For example, carve 0451 into a wall somewhere, or put an assassin in a gas mask in one of the areas.

    In terms of gameplay, I'd say you need a lean ability, and definitely a weapon for simple KOs - the morningstar you had in the first gameplay video looked way too lethal. If you can fit something like a moss arrow, to dampen sound on a surface, I'd say do it.

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    For the moment it will be single player, multiplayer depends on the future of it.
    Regarding the levels there are several already constructed, now depends on
    the AI features, how far can we stretch it, and link it to the map size, and
    gameplay logic. Homage? Well, of course, the whole game is an homage :P
    And i agree with the weapon, that will be changed in the near future also

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    Quote Originally Posted by upversive View Post
    The Dark Mod

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    This is pretty good looking in an oldskool way.

    I like the ambient sounds in that last vid upversive. Nice atmosphere.

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    Ah of couse TDM :P Ive played that one, very good game, a true Thief feeling gameplay.
    Thank you, im old school soo im trying to make a good homage while inserting new elements

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    Web site !!!

    the website is online now, only a few links need to be completed.

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    You are truely an artist, upversive.
    I love the colouring and level of detail in the video. Damn good athmosphere.
    "Thief meets S.T.A.L.K.E.R." ?
    LOL, ok I guess that means hordes of undead.

    The release date depends on the AI that is beeing worked upon
    Sure enough, but do you have a date in mind ?
    Like 2014 or rather 2017 ?

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    My browser doesn't like so much Flash.

    Anyway, congrats on getting ever forward with the project. I suppose the demo link isn't up yet?

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    Thank you Gnartsch thats good to know, a few years work is finally coming to view.
    Well, expect a few surprises and yes Death has a sense of humor!
    Regarding the demo im hoping to release something this weekend,
    i just hope me and the programmer can finish things soon.
    Briareos, you are right, im working on the demo to post it online,
    people can play it in browser.
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    I watched the rolling demo, it now works properly. I must say that I really enjoy the colorful aesthetic you've got going on here, which strikes me as halfway between Thief and Arx Fatalis. I can't wait to see some gameplay! Voted on Greenlight.
    And if you need some help with playtesting or other menial tasks I'll gladly help.

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    Thank you Briareos H!!! Im glad you enjoy it, im trying hard to get streamgreenlight approval, any votes count, as long as its the yes team votes!!! Im finishing the second demo, im trying to post it until tomorrow, optimization and such, soo that thief fans understand what im trying to achieve, with the proper sense of mistery of course. Voteeeee verybodyyyy!!!!

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    Thank you Bojan for the patience!

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