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Thread: Prezent by Timon

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    Nobody able to help me???

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    Quote Originally Posted by karstenpontoppi View Post
    Nobody able to help me???
    Strange silence... I would if I could, but still await for the English version...does anybody know on whether it'll happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinSober View Post
    I would if I could, but still await for the English version...does anybody know on whether it'll happen?
    Anyone know what the score is on this one..?

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    Any news on whether the english version will arrive for this? It would be a great christmas present

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfinituS View Post
    Any news on whether the english version will arrive for this? It would be a great christmas present

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    I played in this fm on Polish, but I realized only 30% of plot with the help of Google. This is really the nice fm needs in English translation.

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    + 3
    I like very much the Timon's fms, and it's so a pity that his mission lacking of an English translation
    Timon! Please, hear us! Where are you ?!!...

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    Cały czas pracuję nad nową wersją tej misji, pracuję ale bardzo, bardzo wolno.
    Mam już nowe filmy, nowe obiekty, wszystkie teksty przetłumaczone, nagrane dialogi. Pozostaje tylko zabrać się do pracy i zakończyć. Ale to jest najtrudniejsze ;-)
    All the time I'm working on a new  version of this mission, but I work very, very slowly.
    I already have new films, new objects, all texts translated, recorded dialogues. It remains only to get to work and finish. But this is the most difficult ;-)

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    more good Christmas news....

    więcej dobrych wiadomości świąteczne...

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    I took a peek at the forum, Christmas nostalgia. Saw this thread. Tsk'ed at the starting date (March 2013?).

    If someone please email me the text files, I'll be happy to help and translate. ( I translated Timon's Forgotten Forest many years ago. Hope to provide a playable English version for the community.

    Maybe Timon and bukary are still around... If so: Greetings Timon! Also I had a chat with Alexius (the old Hammerite Empire project) I believe something like a year ago (or was it 2 years ago? lol). He is (was?) into some kind of internet comics, parallel to publishing his Photoshop masterpieces.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to all Thief fans.

    Edit: Found the link: Is this the latest version?
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    Good news. I'm mostly done with the translation.

    Can I kindly ask the community regarding the following:
    1. I will need someone to proof-read it, please.
    2. It would be good to beta-test the English version of this mission, in a way. The meaning of the translation may vary depending on the gameplay. (I don't have Thief installed)
    3. Perhaps someone could look into how the files are arranged. Not sure, if this will be an English stand-alone FM or do we go for a multi-language version (both English and Polish).

    In short: one person would probably do. Proof-read and beta-test a little. Nothing serious, but something required to have a good product delivered to the community.

    Last, but not least. It's a great FM! I haven't played it, but from what I read in the text files... it's witty, it's funny, it's got a great storyline plot. Thief at its best. Come on, English community has the right to play and enjoy it!

    I'll be postijng the translated files tonight. It would probably be better to take it off the forum, until it's ready and then release it, but I leave it to the others to decide.

    Timon - since you say it will take you some time (meaning a long time!) to finish the mission, perhaps for now a translated current version could be released? This will give you time to finalize, modify and polish your FM and release a full version at a later date.
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    Has anyone finished this one successfully? I HATE ever leaving anything unfinished! I know we're supposed to wait for English…

    I did the book burning part and now there is a burnt manuscript in the fire that I can't pick up - there's the plaster piece in the cellar with blood on it I can't pick up, and I have in my inventory a wax mold or something I can't use anywhere and what looks like a bundle of cloth or something that I can't use anywhere, though I noticed there are tons of these cloth bundles around town that frob but don't do anything! I've noticed a bunch of mail boxes that highlight but not sure what to do with them. I left one bottle of wine or medicine or something with that guy upstairs who appears to unlock a door that has nothing in it. I have a painting in the office near the safe that highlights but can't do anything with - and there is the tray in the hotel that highlights but doesn't do anything. There is also one building with three different doors none of which unlock or pick, and Garrett says something in text when I highlight them.

    Any clues would be great, thanks!!
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    Okay, a little bit of progress since I just posted that last…

    1) Somehow I missed the door to the house across the canal from the huge locked building - inside was a sleeping man who if you wake you lose the mission. He has the key that you have to use the plaster/wax mold on.

    2) The tray in the hotel is for "tips" - not sure if you have to leaves something there or not

    3) The room that the guy unlocks for the bottle of wine/medicine you leave him contains one of the plater pieces - check the corner

    4) The "blanket" was some kind of package - you take it to the upstairs office in the warehouse and swap it with another package and you get some kind of jeweled band which ticks off another objective.

    So now I'm running around trying to figure out where to turn this key mold into an actual key - any ideas?

    The large locked building appears to be the bank. I used a rock to bash open all three doors and they are just false - just brick walls behind them. I translated what Garrett says when you highlight them and he is saying it is the bank entrance but he's not prepared to enter yet - so I'm guessing unlocking these doors leads to the end of the level once all other objectives are complete?

    Also, in the warehouse on the floor is some kind of seal or manhole cover that is partially covered by a crate - it highlights but no idea what to do with it?
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    Also, all the way down from the hotel to the right as you exit, above the door to the canals and across from the warehouse - there is a second story balcony with a metal door - any idea how to get up to it?

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    Judith from the Polish forum informed me that they already made a translation. LOL It seems I copied the work.

    Thanks for the proof-reading offers I got via PMs. In case this translation is still needed, let me know. Hopefully the English version will be released soon. I wanted to help.

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    Dammit I can't stand to leave something unfinished, but even after tons of progress, I just cannot get any further! Really wish some people would come back to this thread!

    Really want to know

    1) What do do with the key mold
    2) Where to find bottle number two of wine
    3) How to get second number code
    4) what' with the seal in the floor of the warehouse

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    Okay, managed to stumble across the second bottle of wine in a house at the north end of Plac Marszowy - inside is a hallway and one room with a woman standing at a table and a man sleeping. Out in the hallway next to the barrel with a slashed banner, look on the floor in the corner.

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    So at this point I have made the key copy but no idea what it goes to - all I have left is two locked green safes and the bank doors.

    Still don't know what's the deal with the highlighted seal in the warehouse floor
    Still don't know how to obtain the secret/second number code

    Still lacking three plaster pieces
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    Ask me anything!!

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    What's the status of the English version of this FM? Anyone know?

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    It's been through 2 betas so far and is looking great.

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    The mission is in it's second beta, and needs a bit more polishing. That being said, Timon is busy with real life, so don't expect the mission soon.

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    Is there a walkthrough or, better a video for this fm?

    .... Hey Fen Phoenix, this is for you!

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    I tried playing it, but didn't want to continue without eng translation. Is this coming out at some point? Another year has passed since the last news I've heard.

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    I don't think we know. Testing was suspended at the end of October last year with no indication of when/if it would restart. Timon had stuff to deal with so we just have to hope that he'll be able to do the last few details at some point in the future.

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