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Thread: Divinity: Original Sin...Old School RPG Kickstarter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    Well, now I know where my November is going...
    Not a Fallout fan?

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    If Fallout 3 was any indication of how Fallout 4 was going to pan out... I'd be more inclined to play the enhanced version Divinity Original Sin myself as well unfortunately.

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    Yeah, pretty much that. Been toying with pre-ordering Fallout 4, but I think it's better to wait a few months for the patches and mods to get rid of the inevitable dumb console UI and major bugs first.
    Plus... well, it's a Bethesda Fallout.

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    I loved Fallout 1 & 2, even enjoyed Fallout Tactics a bit. But Fallout 3 on its own... meh. New Vegas was the better of the two & even then... they both needed a ton of mods to make them enjoyable or even bearable for that matter.

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    It's here!

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    Just finished this game about five minutes ago. It took me around 120 hours to get to the end, which is... eh... quite a lot. Then again, I think I did all the side-quests and explored pretty much everything that there is to explore. About 50 in-game hours earlier I would have called Divinity a wonderful RPG, but the last part of the game really drags on for way too long, and the flaws of the game start to constantly slap you in the face. So my final rating for this game is "pretty good".

    The beginning of the game is fantastic! My girlfriend was out of town one weekend and I thought that it'd be a good time to finally give Divinity a try... I ended up spending pretty much the whole weekend sitting in front of my computer playing it. It kind of brought back memories of the summer of 1992 when I couldn't get enough of Ultima VII, and hoped that my parents wouldn't wake up and catch me playing it in the middle of the night. Cyseal, the first city in Divinity was so exciting at first and there seemed to be so much going on. There were just the right amount of NPCs to talk to, the story seemed interesting, the difficulty of the fights and the quests seemed just perfect, and I had to really think how to spend my gold which made bartering meaningful - everything was in great balance. Sadly, soon after leaving Cyseal behind, that balance flies out the window. It soon becomes quite obvious that the world doesn't feel very "living" either.

    I remember hearing a lot of people calling Divinity frustratingly difficult, at least when it comes to combat, so I decided to choose the Classic difficulty in the beginning. I'm not bragging or anything, and I'm really not a great tactician, but I didn't find the game particularly hard at any point. Perhaps I accidentally managed to create some sort of an ideal team, or maybe it's because I thoroughly explored everything and leveled up my characters to the max as a result, but even the boss fights didn't cause me much trouble. Some of the Master level spells and skills are so over-powered, that once you get your hands on those, everything becomes so much easier. In fact, towards the end of the game I thought that the fights were disappointingly easy, when one fire/ice storm spell would often finish off most enemies in the first round of the combat. Crafting and upgrading your gear probably would have made things even easier, but it was too much trouble and I just couldn't be bothered with it, so the whole crafting thing felt a bit unnecessary to me. Same goes for blacksmithing and repairing items - I think the game would have been more enjoyable without those.

    Exploration plays a big role in games like this, and I must say that some of the locations in Divinity are absolutely stunning. But again, there are some flaws that kill some of the fun. The world is full of little secrets and hidden items, but where's the fun of finding a secret switch on a bookshelf or a hidden key, when you can automatically highlight them by holding down Alt on the keyboard? And what you can't see by holding down Alt, your characters with high enough Perception will when you're close enough. There are also way too many magical items lying around all over the place, that finding these secrets really isn't even that fun anymore. You find so many magic arrows and scrolls and potions and bombs (often in most illogical places) that you'll never have enough time to use them all. Gold also isn't an issue after the beginning of the game, so spending skill points on something like bartering or even pickpocketing isn't a good idea. The world of Divinity isn't very big so there isn't so much to explore, but at least some of it is very nicely detailed.

    It's obvious that the developers have played their Ultima games (especially U7), which seemed pretty cool at first, but it gets to the point where the game is no longer just inspired by Ultima, but pretty much a rip-off. Okay, "rip-off" may be too harsh, but there are just so many similarities that some fresh ideas would have been welcome. A few examples of the similarities: murder investigation plays a big role in the main quest, Immaculates/Fellowship, Tenebrium/Blackrock, all the Time/Space/Void stuff, Imp/Gargoyle rights, etc... The story in Divinity is somewhat decent but kind of starts to repeat itself and loses its edge in the end. And since I seem to be comparing Divinity to Ultima 7 here, at least the combat system is a pretty big improvement. Admittedly that doesn't take much, as the combat system in U7 is notoriously bad, but apart from being a bit too slow-paced at times, combat in Divinity is actually quite decent (apart from the difficulty balancing issues that I mentioned before).

    The music is a nice change from your typical overly "epic" and clichey RPG music that you get in most games like this - still nowhere as lovely as the tunes in Ultima VII though, but definitely well above average! The voice acting is also good I suppose, and I would recommend everyone who plays this game to choose the Pet Pal trait (it lets you talk to the animals in the game) for one of the characters, because some of the conversations with the animals are quite funny and occasionally useful too! There's tons of dialogue and I must have read and listened to most of it, so they must have done a lot right on the sounds department!

    The inventory system in Divinity also deserves a special mention, because it might just be the worst inventory system that I've ever seen in a game. It's like they've deliberately made it as inconvenient and illogical as possible. It's very frustrating especially when you're trying to sell things or craft/improve items and you have to move each item individually from one team member to another. To make things infinitely worse (especially for a packrat like me) your characters can carry ridiculous amounts of stuff in their inventory. Even your weaker characters can carry enough weapons and armour to equip a whole army, which makes finding the right items in your inventory frustratingly difficult. At the end of the game my inventory was full of stuff - most of which I never even needed - when about 20 inventory slots per character would have been more than enough. I honestly can't believe that someone in the development team must have thought that this inventory system is a good idea.

    I tend to be quite negative when I "review" games in here - I suppose I concentrate too much on the flaws. I did enjoy Divinity a lot most of the time (I wouldn't have spent 120 hours on it otherwise!), I just feel that there was so much unfulfilled potential there. I hope that at least some of these flaws have been fixed in Divinity 2 - I'll get on to that in the near future. For a moment I really thought that this could be THE game that pushes Ultima VII off the throne, but in the end it doesn't really even get close. I have a feeling that that couldn't ever even happen though, as nostalgia probably has blinded me so. But at least I don't constantly ramble on about CRPGs and Richard Garriott.

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    Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Divinity 2 are not the same thing.

    DOS2 fixes some of the flaws, but sadly it introduces a heap of new flaws that are probably even worse.

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    Yeah, I really wanted to like DOS2, but the introduction of physical and magical armours alongside the ridiculous level scaling and massive turnaround of gear left me resenting more than enjoying the game.

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