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Thread: Wolfenstein: The New Order - from the makers of Riddick: Butcher Bay & The Darkness 1

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    Yeah, I was disappointed with how rote TOB felt after TNO. TNO I played through enough to get all of the achievements, and loved every single minute. TOB I played through once then ditched. The robot dog encounter outside in particular was god(dog)-awful.

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    The stealth is the same in TNO and TOB, there's just a lot more opportunity to actually do it in TOB. So I could see how you could end up with a skewed memory of it from TNO, but it was even shallower in that game. TNO mostly clearly delineates which sections are for stealth and which are for shooting - TOB lets you pick your approach in a more LGS type way. Yes, the zombie bit was basically shooting only, but that's a brief part of the game.

    I'm also surprised the robot dog encounter stuck out to anyone as it was over in less than 10 seconds for me.

    I definitely meant RE6 regarding the climbing mechanic, since that's the quicktime heavy game. You climb by alternating mouse 1 and mouse 2 on pc and it's really annoying and easy to mess up, and it happens frequently during TOB.

    So, I don't know - playing them back to back, TOB definitely felt like a refinement. Still very much a lite FPS version of these ideas, but it's getting closer.

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    Well, all said and done I didn't play TNO or TOB caring much about the stealth. It was nice as an option, yes, but as FPSes the priorities of both games were on delivering these broad, brash tableaux of Tarantino-inspired insanity, which they mostly delivered with TNO and not so much with TOB, because it split its priorities between cinematic aspirations and the need to be a callback to the older Wolfensteins, and thus didn't do either particularly impressively.

    I'm glad that the new one looks like it's going to focus on being even more ridiculous. If the stealth's better-implemented, that's just going to be the cherry on the top.

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