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Thread: Free, Standalone TDM 2.04 Now Available!

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    Free, Standalone TDM 2.04 Now Available!

    The current version of TDM is 2.04.

    It's finally here! Announcing the new, standalone TDM 2.0!!

    There are a tremendous number of changes in TDM 2.0, but I'll try to summarize them all.

    Standalone: First and most importantly, The Dark Mod is now completely standalone, which means you no longer need to own Doom3 to play it! We have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy replacing all the sounds, textures, particle effects, and models that we had been using. Hopefully this will open up a whole new audience of people who didn't want to have to purchase a different game in order to try The Dark Mod.

    In addition to going standalone, the following improvements have been made:

    AI Improvements: There have been lots of additions and fixes to AI behaviour; characters will now greet each other more regularly, and will properly call for help when they're in trouble. Guards can now hear slightly better, and we have included a new AI Vision slider to the menu, so the player can adjust how sensitive they want AI vision to be. Characters react to bodies in more varied ways now. A bug that made AI very easy to kill has been fixed. Archers will draw melee weapons if the player gets too close. Guards will turn towards doors that open unexpectedly. There are new vocals for specific situations, like when guards are getting shot at and can't see their opponent. Searching behaviour has been improved. Plenty of old bugs, like the one where AI would sometimes attack with an empty fist, have been fixed.

    New Gameplay: AI can now hear collapsing bodies, especially if the body is wearing plate mail and falls on a hard surface. No longer will a guard stand oblivious while his friend collapses to the ground two feet behind him. The player will have to give some thought to where they take down opponents if there are other guards in the area.

    Audio Improvements: In addition to replacing dozens of Doom3 sounds, two new vocal sets have been added to the game. Footstep sounds have been improved. Big changes have been made to the sound propagation system that will allow mappers a lot more control over how players hear sound; for example, mappers can now make doors block different amounts of sound depending on their thickness, or can control how much sound passes through windows or small holes.

    Graphical Improvements: You should notice a number of improvements to some character models, especially the skeleton, townsfolk, and beggar characters. Arrows will now leave blood-stains.

    There have been plenty of other bug-fixes, like removing the ability to hide in the shadow of an object you're carrying (no more sneaking under a crate umbrella). See the full change-log here: http://wiki.thedarkm...new_in_TDM_2.00

    Updates to Missions:

    Because of the removal and replacement of Doom3 assets, some missions that used them are no longer compatible with TDM 2.0. About two dozen missions have updated .pk4s to fix these issues. New players can ignore this, but if you're playing missions that you downloaded before 2.0, you may have trouble trying to run them. Most are fine, but a few missions will just crash while loading, and others will load but will have odd visual problems. It is highly recommended that you delete all previously downloaded missions after updating to 2.0!

    Going standalone has been a mammoth undertaking. There were literally hundreds of assets that needed to be replaced, and around seventy maps that had to be checked to see whether any of those replacements broke anything. We've been testing for months, but it's almost certain that we missed something, somewhere. If you see a black texture, a model buried in the floor, or something else unusual in a map, please let us know. If it was caused by 2.0 changes, we'll make sure we fix it in the next update.

    Thanks to everyone on the development team, and those in the community that helped us replace missing assets and test missions!

    To update your TDM installation, simply run the tdm_update.exe file in your darkmod folder. Your darkmod folder no longer needs to sit under Doom3, and you can move it wherever you like (though make sure it is still called "darkmod"). (If the updater fails to start, check to see if a _tdm_update.exe file (note the underscore) has been created in your folder. If it has, rename _tdm_update.exe to tdm_update.exe and run it.)

    To download TDM 2.0 for the first time, please follow the download instructions on the website here:

    Not sure what TDM is? Watch an introductory video here:

    Important Note:
    Since our website was down from all the traffic, many people have been downloading TDM 2.0 from other sources, and thus may not have seen an important part of the installation instructions:

    The Dark Mod MUST be installed in a folder called "darkmod", otherwise saved games will not load.

    Please spread this information around; some people have reported problems because they were unaware of this.
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    Still Subjective
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    You guys have done a great job. Fabulous.

    Can I suggest you put margin:auto in the css of the containing div on the site?

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    Congratulations to all involved!

    Can't wait to delve into this.

    Awesome work!

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    time to finally have a serious go I guess.

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    Yes!!! Can't wait to try the new stuff
    Congrats to everyone involved!

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    Congratulations! What an impressive accomplishment!

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    Congratulations! I love the Dark Mod. I can't wait to give it a go

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    Damn... have to wait till weekend. So frustrating.

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    Congratulations to the team!

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    Awesome work guys, congrats on the huge release. I can't even fathom how much work must have gone into making TDM standalone. Looking forward to replaying all the missions 2.0 style...

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    Slightly less tormented Moderator
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    Congratulations to everyone involved. I know there's been a huge amount of work to get this out and you should be justly proud of yourselves.

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    Congrats, that's quite an achievement.

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    Congratulations! I hope this blows some new life to the TDM community.

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    Great news! Congratulations!

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    Holyf***. I'm in. Like, now. NOW.
    Downloading at 7 kB/s isn't very promising but I will manage, I guess ;>

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    Sorry, we're getting a lot of traffic right now.

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    This is totally great! As someone who's had a bad time getting the doom 3. . .(and got the WRONG one when I did manage to get it. . .pfft Makes it harder when you don't want the 'actual' game to start with, I think.)) I'm thrilled to hear this.

    I'm off to download - and hopefully - if it all goes well, I know what I'll be doing the next several days!

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    Excellent work, Team TDM...

    ...Can't wait to try it out...

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    Amazing! THANK YOU. Loud cheer, hearty back slaps and big kisses to all involved.
    Been wanting to play these FMs for ages, but no Doom just gloom. Now happy happy smiley face

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    In the words of Garrett, "Here we go".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Springheel View Post
    Sorry, we're getting a lot of traffic right now.
    No wonder!

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    FW:FW:FW: SO TRUE!!!
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    I guess I'll have to wait another half day or longer. Must be the traffic. I get "Cannot download from ANY mirror".

    Let's hope that is the reason. I did see a 1kb dl speed for a second or two.

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    Ive been downloading since I posted. When I get to fidcals mirror it drops to 13kb, but now Im on roggen, and its going super fast at 786 kb.

    I am so excited about this. Thank you guys.

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    Is it possible to download TDM 2.0 to one PC and then move the "install-folder" to another PC?
    I dont have my gaming-PC connected to the Internet.

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    Funny you should mention that, because that is exactly what I also plan on doing. Im assuming it will work...

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