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Thread: Halloween Contest 2013 Voting Results and Comments

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    Island of Sorrow 2013
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    Halloween Contest 2013 Voting Results and Comments

    Voting Results and Comments

    The Winner is: "Island of Sorrow" by MysteryMan


    Invasion by John9818a

    This mission is not bad, the author have a certain control of dromed.
    But there is few problems:
    1./The castle is very big, and the map is not very logic (the castle is constructed in a classical model inspiration, but the plan don't correspond to something what is well know).

    2./For a Halloween mission i wait a terrifying atmosphere. There are many undeads but, the atmosphere isn't affraiding.

    3./The greatest disappointment for me was is the plot: it's just a pretext to put many undead, and there is no suspense: when we arrived in the castle we see meteorites which ruin the castle and we know immediatly that the castle is invading. And i think that there is too many goals.

    It was the only T2 Halloween mission so you win!

    If adapting another mission, remove all irrelevant objects\readables. I found Dr Death almost at the start and killed him with a couple of flash bombs. I expected not to be able to get rid of him until the end, when I'd got the fire arrows. It would have been more exciting if he was hunting me all over the castle!
    Appreciate the mission was built in a short time, so author may not have had time to refine it.

    Nice revisit. Scarry AIs. :-)
    Pretty confusing with the leftovers (secrets). :-(

    Really enjoyed playing this FM. Liked that it was tricky to explore the castle looking for everything (made me think/look/search). Some nice spooky touches, like the "haunt light" that suddenly came down the corridor! Thanks author

    Loved the big map and the excellent feeling of massive damage to the castle - that was very well done! The scripted event where the rocks hit the castle was also well done! Great puzzles - it was a challenge to get in on Hard. Unfortunately, some switches were too well hidden to get certain items or to get to the place where you use the talismans (without help from the forums). The oubliette was a bit tough!
    The "haunted" effects were well done but in some places were overdone - the shaking bed and painting near Jenivere, the chair you must fight in the music room - were just strange and didn't add to the "Halloween" feeling but in general, the idea of a castle overrun by undead without warning was well done.
    A couple minor bugs - with the update, the "armory key" opened the music room as well as the armory, a mummy was generating spider sounds as well as zombie walking sounds, there's difficulty if you take Jenivere back to the entrance after completing all other goals (instead of before you finish all other goals), etc.
    It's not explained why Dr. Death arrived in this realm or how Garrett learned he has to fight Dr. Death - or the origin of the giant rock attack on the castle. The readables mostly were hints to find items or were related to the original mission this mission was based on.
    In general, despite these nits, this was a very good mission! I loved it!

    omg, for the first time I was knocked out by a CHAIR! and chased by some carrots.. LOL! very funny at the moments, scary too!

    A good remake overall, but tiny secret switches just killed my gameplay. Liked the AI though, was fun!

    Lacked overall gameplay. Not really suited for Halloween. It was fun to play, as I had not played Bafford's Last stand for many years. More effort into the story and gameplay would have made it better suited for terrain features.

    Could not finish mission because I could not find the talismans?? Mission looks great though. and I will give it another go.

    I really enjoyed the meteorites raining down on the walls as well as exploring the beautiful castle. The story felt well done, but I missed major surprises or turning points. The atmosphere was scary and "helloweenish" (: Seen from the gameplay standpoint, the unused secrets from the mission which was the basis for this castle (which, in fact, I did not play right now) were sometimes quite confusing. Overall, I had a nice time with "Invasion" and more missions like this had entered the contest (or previous contests).

    Number of Votes: 33

    Total Score: 361

    Island of Sorrow by MysteryMan


    Fantastic, with a classic Halloween feel. The house at the start was as creepy a sh*t with some nice scare moments, then new territory - I like FMs with different environments/AIs. Thanks author

    Fantastic mission! Scary and innovative! :-)

    Unlike the other two contest missions, "Island of sorrow" bings new features wich were not yet explored by other mission Authors.

    Definitely not my style of gameplay. For a long time, I couldn't find my way around the caves and only much later figured out how to use the lantern. It was another long time before I found the knight and his key. But, the puzzles were fair, the readables explained how to deal with them, and it was a tough and Halloween-y mission. So, this is the best one thus far! (The updates appeared to mostly improve audio which was a good thing.)

    great story, creepy and very halloweenish especially at the beginning, somehow familiar in the caves good movies!! It's a solid and interesting mission, well done, Anonymous Author!

    since this was entered on time,and did not have to be redone after release,over all best mission for the theme,wasent able to do thief 3 mission but ,i hope someone does a youtube of it.

    Really enjoyed the mission. Liked the atmosphere (full match with the contest subject), visualization, AI (great one) and overall creepy gameplay. Talent and overall willingness to make a good content is really obvious. Thanks for this, I had a great evening!

    Great mission. The atmosphere was one of the best I have ever seen, and I really got scared. I screamed so loud once, I think all my flatmates got seriously worried about me!

    I really enjoyed playing this mission but the loot hunt at the end became rather tedious.

    Great mission!!

    Well, although there were hints for hitting the rocks with the pickaxe to gather precious loot and important tools, I missed this fact until I visited the forum. On the other side the graphics were well elaborated with remarkable places. But the pretty, special jewel in this mission is the story, which gave me a satisfying and pleasant journal through the spooky island.

    Number of Votes: 33

    Total Score: 433

    Voting was for 3 categories:Visual, Story, and Game Play

    A Special Thanks to Al_B for the Voting Poll, and to all of the Moderators in TTLG for their assistance! Thankyou TTLG!
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    Congratulations and thanks for running the contest, MysteryMan.

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    Island of Sorrow 2013
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    Location: In a Dark Place
    Thanks Al_B, and it was a pleasure. Hopefully next years Halloween Contest will have more entrants. There is never a guarantee of sign ups.

    Congrats John, and thankyou for being the only other entry remaining. You took 2nd place!

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    Congratulations, Mystery Man! It was well done and I really enjoyed it. And thank you for running the contest. We all appreciate the work you put in.

    And congrats to you too, John. I enjoyed the remake and loved all the effects.

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    Well done Mystery Man and my thanks also for the work you put in for the contest. Unfortunately I wasn't able to play your entry but I am looking forward to that when I have some time. And thank you also to John for participating. Also looking forward to seeing what you've cooked up.

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    Congrats MysteryMan for this contest and your fm that i've had the chance to play (exclusively during the day ) Thanks also to John ! One regret, the third for T3 that i hope we'll see one day finished

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    Congrats, MysteryMan !
    IslandOfSorrow making the race was well deserved, even though the votes were quite close.

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    Thanks everyone for your nice comments and encouragement. I entered the contest two months before the due date so with RL I wasn't able to allocate that much time into making it.

    Just to clarify two of the comments that were posted above, both missions were T2 and both were updated after the release date. Island of Sorrow was definitely the better mission and deserved to win first place.

    Nickie even I have yet to discover what I have cooked up.

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    Congrats to both I enjoyed playing them! I just wished there had been more. I need another Thief fix!!!!

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