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Thread: 10 Rooms Contest Entry - The Cave Artifact

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    10 Rooms Contest Entry - The Cave Artifact

    This looks like it was made by a new author, perhaps as a first-time effort. If so, I'm glad to see it. It's always great when someone new starts building missions. This one is simple and straightforward but it has some nice elements and there were no problems of any kind.

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    Thank you for opening this thread. I was going to, but was shy about it. I liked this FM. It was quick, yes, but was a good go at it. It was not really super polished like some, but was still fun to play. I think I will play it again to see if there are some Easter Eggs.

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    I agree. I liked this FM too and it was the only one of the four entrants that I could happily play right through without issues, wall-head-butting or needing help Plus... caves! Always love a cave element. Keep building secret author, keep building

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    I agree too. The author may have had enough of this but I'd like to see it expanded after the contest, given more detail, AI, loot, vines to climb etc.

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    A great mission! Keep up the good work. I too, really enjoyed this one.
    Super polished has it's place, but it can be over done IMHO.
    Quite a few NewDark missions can have an element of "nouveau riche" about them, and while it's always
    great to have new missions I personally prefer a more subtle approach to FMs.
    As I said this is just my own opinion, I admire all authors who continue to create such wonderful missions.

    Spot on, Chris.

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    Nice mission, but too short.
    By the way, I love the new light gem indicator, it should be added to the EP2 pack.

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    Cool mission It really does seem to be made by a new author and that's great news

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