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Thread: Dishonored 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    One thing that was neat about having a voiced protagonist in DH2 was the way your personality changed depending on how you were playing, particularly the little quips you say when examining objects in the world. I thought that was a nice touch.
    Which is something I've yet to pick up on, due to that being the first playthrough. Moar to come likely, if not immediately, then down the months/years. As for Death Of The Outsider reviews, I hadn't done the preload yesterday, but a few are in, atop of the Steam opinions that is. Apparently no real performance issues too (whether that is down to mission/map design, Crack In The Slab!!!!!1 Clockwork Mansion!!!!1 or the engine honed and tweaked, who knows).

    Haven't seen a confirmation about the actual number of missions, but half the size of Dishonored 2 sounds fine enough to me. I can also see myself doing quite a few of those optionally contract assassinations. The open design of this is probably rad anyway... In the main game you can optionally complete the Dunwall area by just sprinting down the main road (my proper style of play took me 3 hours on that). Same on the initial Karnaca docks area. It's either a frantic push to goal or exploration and digging it in to the max. And they let you skip basically the entirety of the Dust District completely, despite it being one of the more specialized areas on that game, what with the faction war going on, and the sand storms rolling in alongside to that fantastic warning sound of horns. That guy giving them a thumbs down for being able to complete their game in between dinner? Arkane doesn't give a hoot -- I mean you could basically blink through the more open areas to where the magic marker points to on D1 already.
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    DotO looks like a day 1 purchase; provided I know it can run. Anyone playing on a CPU without SSE4? (That is, a pre-Bulldozer AMD, or an early Core 2.)

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    They patched out the SSE4 requirement in Dishonored 2 a while back. I would guess that Death of the Outsider would've inherited that, though it's hard to tell since the minspec listed on Steam calls for an octocore FX 8320 (which is also what the minspec still says for Dishonored 2 and that's definitely not what I ran it on).

    Nobody seems to know for sure in the Steam discussions.

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    I just verified - works fine for me.

    The missions seem to be pretty dense and packed with detail, even more than before. I'm personally not liking Displace over Far Reach and Blink, but it works well enough. I spent ~6 or so hours just on the second mission.

    Atmosphere, I'm getting more Thief than any previous Dishonored; but I can't explain why, especially because the game encourages you to play murderhobo this time around. Maybe it's the constrained set of powers plus the goal.

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    Displace is pretty awesome actually. Right at the beginning of the second mission, I used that power where you stop time and do the ethereal moving around thing to go through a rat passage, set a displace marker on the other side of a door I couldn't get through, then used displace to teleport to the other side of the door. It's not as good as blink if you only use it like blink, but it's pretty awesome as its own thing.

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    Wait, you can use Foresight through rat tunnels? (I guess, a good example of Immersive Sim 101.)

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    Slightly off-topic: why does the Dishonored series not have its own dedicated subforum on TTLG, like Arx Fatalis?

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    Very good point. Maybe the AF forum should just become an arkane forum

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    Beat it on hard with occasional murderhoboing. That final level reminds me of a LOT of things in The Dark Project. A lot. Also home to some VERY annoying enemies. PROTIP: Max out your springrazor upgrades and frag storage and abuse the shit out of telefragging.

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    Beat it myself. Not sure what the chaos rating does in this installment (talking about DotO) because I'm pretty sure the ending is based on a choice you have at the very very end, which you get to choose if you beat a simple riddle about 5 minutes before the game ends. I hope that's cryptic enough to avoid spoiler tags, and that anybody who has played it to completion knows what I'm talking about.

    One thing I found funny, with Arkane doing their thing... In the basement of the bank where you find the safety deposit boxes, one of them is labelled "Morgan Yu." I tried 451 as the combo but it didn't work. I thought I was being clever, but I guess not clever enough.

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    The code for that lockbox is in one of the contracts you get for the mission.

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