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Thread: T2 FM: Exile (Being Thief 2) v1.2 - UPDATED 11/04/2014.

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    is it possible that someone could post all 10 secrets?
    I am missing 2..
    at page 9 someone mentioned most of them but the descriptions didn't help me a lot.
    Ah, not to forget to say again: sensut I love you!!!

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    These are from my notes. I hope they help.

    #1 - the eggs in the wall crack above the pigeon house
    #2 - attic room above the wooden post in the shed yard - silver nuggets in an alcove inside the fireplace
    #3 - painting in hotel office slides aside. Cash behind.
    #4 - book switch in Mech Library that opens safe with Alarm shut off
    #5 - switch on painting in Mech gallery that moves a painting in the next room. Behind it is a gear key to open the safe in Library.
    #6 - switch on statue in last room in Mech gallery. Opens banner on wall.
    #7 - tiny switch inside a cupboard in the machine building at the east end of the Market area.
    #8 - Dudra Sister's apartment (above the Market). Small sitting room with the desk. Switch on the wall by the desk moves painting on the other wall.
    #9 - loose stone in church floor. Loot underneath
    #10 - Detective's Apt. (Over the bank) - switch on the side of the cabinet in the office opens a wall panel. Loot

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    wow Nightwalker!!! you are a swift lady!! Thank you so much!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightchild View Post
    you probably know by now but anyway when you shoot the 2 symbols on the statues by the door the door will open
    I didn't figure it out, but I got the answer via Youtube. I should resort to that more often before I post a query. Thanks for your input.

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