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Thread: Thief 2 HD Texture Mod

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    I will happily beta test. And yes I will make sure to test it in FM Mode. XP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gecko View Post
    Currently I have one betatester. I need three more. Someone interested?
    Yes, first time player and I'm hooked. I'll run the whole game

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    I would be happy to test if you still need testers.

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    I will send a pm tomorrow


    @ slickrazor
    It's not possible to send you a PM! I've sent you an email!
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    Is it almost ready? Anxious to try it out.

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    If you want to see a preview of the Thief 2 HD Mod v1.0 here is an exclusive Let's Play by Lady Lilia. The T2 HD Mod v1.0 will be released in the next weeks!

    Note: Thief 2 with the HD mod version 1.0 starts with Mission 2

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    Looking forward to this. Have already played T2 with NecroAge, halfway through another run with EP2, after which I am planning another playthrough. So I'll make it a HDM playthrough

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    Noticing some stuttering with this installed. I'm curious if the textures are just too large for the old engine to efficiently handle?
    Running an I5 and Gtx 980, so raw power shouldn't be an issue. How time consuming would it be to offer a lower resolution version of the pack Gecko?
    Running a ramdisk could be another potential solution if the stuttering is due to disk fetching.

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