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Thread: Dark Souls char build clinic (and I'm the patient)

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    Dark Souls char build clinic (and I'm the patient)

    I'm probably a pretty mediocre player of the game, and once I'm at a certain level I tend to find it difficult to know how to develop my character further, because changes to attributes tend not to have a major impact at this stage. Therefore I was wondering if any of the pros here had any tips for me.

    Here are my stas:
    Vgr 10
    End 21
    Vit 16
    Atn 40
    Str 18
    Dex 18
    Adp 38
    Int 61
    Fth 27

    I'm sporting the following equipment:
    Magic Heide Sword +10
    Blue Wooden Shield +7
    Heide Knight Iron Mask +10
    Black Hollow Mage Robe +10
    Knight Gauntlets +8
    Old Knight Leggings +8

    For reference, I'm pretty much at the beginning of Crown of the Sunken King. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    What's your playstyle? Judging by the stats, you look like a straight up sorcerer with dangerously low VIG, but you also have unnecessarily high ADP too. Your equipment is for swordfighting though. And what's up with the Blue Wooden Shield? Plenty of better shields are out there that you could use with these stats, but I don't know how much do you actually rely on shields.
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    I mainly get rid of weaker enemies from a distance via sorcery, weaken stronger opponents with spells, then wade in to do damage while staying nimble.

    What would you recommend in terms of further development and shield? Here's hoping I didn't sell all the good shield options off earlier in the game...

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    Umm, you don't have a problem with your super low health? Because I'd raise Vigor to at least 30 if I were you. Actually, you don't need more than 105 agility, so I'd suggest lowering your ADP to 22 (I think 22 ADP with 40 ATT gives 105 AGI), and putting the free points into Vigor.

    As for shields, the Drangleic Shield and the Defender's Shield are among the best medium shields, so you should be fine with those if you use shields.

    But otherwise it's not like there's something wrong with your build. If you can play with it, then it's good.

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    Thanks! I'll keep these things in mind. So far I've not considered more health, mainly because I focused on not getting hit. I guess that's one thing I'm not bad at in the game! :-D However, I'm pretty good at dodging an attack right off a cliff and falling to my death...

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